The Walking Dead – Triggerfinger

The Walking Dead - Triggerfinger

I love this show. I love all of the characters for what they are, because I know that is what they are supposed to be. I am supposed to love and hate them. That is what good writing does.

Lori, who took it upon herself to go to town to look for Rick, Glenn, and Herschel (approximately ten seconds after they left), hit a walker and wrecked her car, and she woke up to almost having her face eaten. If you read my reviews, you know I love the bits I can’t see three steps ahead of – this bit caught my breath. Since the car was upside down, what’s the likelihood of finding her gun in a pinch? But, alas, she does indeed find it, manages to off the potential face-eater as well as a second walker who attack her. Then, in complete Stupid Lori fashion, she heads off down the road (in the opposite direction of the farm, I might add – so she’s going to walk to town and save the day?). Of course Shane finds her, and lies to her to get her back to the farm.

And when they get back to the farm, Carl finds out about the baby. Shane feels bad that he let it slip, and tries to apologize to Lori. His apology is a delusional plea for them to be together, believing that what they had was right, and real….to Loris credit, at least she had the sense to see how grandiose Shane’s thoughts are becoming, and the presence of mind to outright deny any feelings for him. And I really do believe that she doesn’t have feelings for him (I don’t really think she ever did, to be honest); she dropped him like a hot potato when she found out Rick was still alive.

I am starting to think something here….it’s a flash, but let’s go with it for a minute. Say Shane is right (shudder) and he and Lori really do belong together. Hear me out! She is turning into some horrible puppet master, and he is more than willing to be her puppet, because “that’s what’s real”….see where I’m going here? They are far too alike to not see the symmetry there. The picture of Lori that my mind is starting to paint is one of her as controlling everything behind the scenes, while outwardly playing the role of agreeable and supportive wife. The manipulation is what will ultimately heap her and Shane into the same pile.

Shane. Not too much to say here, other than a continuation of what I said last week – he has officially left the reservation. He is a loose cannon that will be the death of them all, if Rick doesn’t off him first. Now, as much as I would love to see Shane get his, it’s not going to happen. The story needs him, as it is being told so far. We have to hate someone, there has to be one character to cause animosity and suspense – Shane does that, that’s why we hate him. The story would be a lot less personable if at least one character didn’t go off the rails, no?

Rick continues the manning up by being the one to rip Randall’s leg from the wrought iron fence, after Herschel’s aborted attempt to cut the kid’s leg off. This scene is a perfect example of why I love the show. It kept me on edge because of the impending zombie attack coupled with the desperation in trying to save Randall. THEN – just as I think Rick is stepping up to his role as leader, he starts to buy into Lori’s manipulation. I had a completely different write-up planned for Rick, and then he went and ruined it. Maybe tonight he will redeem himself.

Is anyone else as bugged/intrigued by Andrea as I am? Sometimes I like her, sometimes I hate her. I am always on board with tough-chick characters, but she seems to be taking her cues from Shane, which will always be a no-no. She gets on my nerves when she cocks a gun like a man – Lori does it too, but somehow she does it like a girl. I can’t explain it, I am a picky bitch. Maybe it’s how quickly she changed from a simpering mess to Mrs. Smith a la the Jolie that annoys me.

But then she warms my heart by telling Shane he has the right ideas but his delivery sucks. See? I don’t know what to feel.

Glenn is earning my love in a big way. He has continuously grown into himself, and not gone sideways in anyway. I really love the Maggie sideline, and it doesn’t even irk me that they are in love after only a few episodes. The world is going to hell – I’m thinking falling in love quickly is probably the best way to do it!

And finally, Herschel. He seems more real now, no? Now that we know he had a drinking problem, and that he agreed with Rick in the bar. He seemed slightly surreal before, perhaps because I found him very difficult to relate to. When they were in the bar, with Rick trying to talk sense into him and him listening to reason really made me like him a lot. Not only that, he let Rick take the lead and actually took a gun and helped defend all three of them. His decision to turf Shane from the farm won’t stick, unfortunately; but the reversal of his decision to turf the whole group is solely based on Rick’s willingness to protect the farm when he had to.

I can’t wait for the next episode. But that means that there are only a few left. Please let next season have dozens of episodes. I hate to be left hanging!

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