The Walking Dead – Season 3, Episode 10 – Home

The Walking Dead - Season 3, Episode 10 - Home

I didn’t write about the first episode back from the mid-season hiatus for a few reasons – I loved and hated it, it was terrible and awesome, and I couldn’t pick a side.

I am a Daryl Dixon fan, and not a Merle Dixon fan. When we waited all hiatus to see what the showdown between the two would bring, only to have Daryl disappear with Merle – it was almost too much to take. I’m not keen on the crazy train Rick’s riding, and couldn’t figure out what the hell Glenn’s problem was.

Now that I have seen the next one, I have some thoughts/manic ideas.

I was impressed to see Glenn pick up the reins where Rick appeared to be leaving off. I always wondered who it would be, if Rick never does get off the crazy – as much as I love Daryl I think he is more of a soldier than a leader. It wasn’t until this episode though that we realized exactly what Glenn thought the governor had done to Maggie. Not sure why Maggie was so mad about him thinking that, but – being a girl, I guess we’re fickle bitches..?

I need to talk about the governor. I had some issues with what seemed to be his rapid decline into madness until we figured out that he was already neck-deep in insanity. I suppose I can understand that; who among us really knows how we would handle leading these groups of people to a sure path of survival?

It’s interesting to me that the leaders of both groups (who will be further referred to as Prison and Woodbury) are losing/have lost  their minds. We don’t know for sure how long the governor has been at it in Woodbury (if we do, and I just don’t remember, please tell me!), so it’s impossible to know how long he has been collecting heads for his aquariums.

Rick’s crazy is a different breed – he’s not going psychotic like the governor, he just seems very sadly trying to cling to the people who were closest to him now that they have died (and you know I cannot for the life of me understand those attachments – no one was happier than me to say goodbye to Shane and Lori.) I hope he makes a return – the final battle after the governor unloads his zombie bomb inside the prison gates may be the wake up call he needs.

Andrea has some ‘splaining to do, as usual. After the fiasco between Daryl and Merle, what the F^%$ is she still doing in Woodbury?? Why didn’t she leave with the Prison group? You know she saw them at the end – if she didn’t, still no excuse because she obviously knew Daryl was there. You know she knows the governor was planning on going to the prison. Is she really as stupid as I have always thought she was, and does she actually believe the crap he is feeding her? She has until the next episode to redeem herself; if she doesn’t pull up in a van full of weapons to help the prison group arm against the governor, I will (more) actively pray for her demise.

And finally, Daryl. Daryl, who we always knew was better than Merle and the sum of all those parts; except, now Merle knows it too. I don’t often pick up on the connotations behind actions or the symbolism of a scene, but when Daryl walked away from Merle after letting the people on the bridge go, and it was suddenly Merle chasing after Daryl…..well, even I got that. Welcome back, Daryl.

The Walking Dead airs on Sunday nights on AMC at 9e. Check your local listings.

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  1. Thank goodness I’m not the only one that wants to bitch slap Andrea. She’s been getting on my nerves, and she’s starting to ride the Lorie train to death in my head. The governor has always been psychotic. It just became maniac when his daughter died the second time (that’s safe to say, right).

    Daryl…I love you, Daryl, and if I ever have to go through a zombie apocalypse, I want to have someone just like you by my side!! Lol


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