Beauty and the Beast 2.07 - Guess Who’s Coming…

Beauty and the Beast 2.07 – Guess Who’s Coming… By Mieke Trudeau Boom! And just like that, the beast hits the fan! In this game changer of an episode just about every story line comes to an explosive head. Vincent’s mission is about to come to an end with only one more beast left on his list. It seems like Gabe is right in suspecting that Vincent himself may be

Beauty and the Beast 2.06 - Father Knows Best

by Mieke Trudeau Does father really know best? Maybe if his name is Robert Young and he plays one in the beloved classic 1950’s TV series. Catherine is pretty upset with her newly discovered biological father, Agent Bob Reynolds a.k.a Condor (again portrayed with appropriate ambiguity by Ted Whittall). Apparently Reynolds has been watching her all her life and she can’t understand why he has yet to reveal himself to

Beauty and the Beast 2.05 – Reunion

by Mieke Trudeau High school reunions are like time travel. Fun, confusing and at some point we are bound to run into our past selves resulting in a disruption of the time/space continuum. As kids we all imagine our future but seldom does it look like what we envisioned when we actually get there. The way we remember our experiences frequently clashes with how others saw it. Perhaps if we

Beauty and the Beast 2.04 - Hothead

by Mieke Trudeau Memories are complicated. They can hold us back, stuck in the past. They can remind us of good times but also bad. They can teach us lessons and point us to a different truth, to move us forward where they free us from misconception and mistrust. Sometimes it may even be good to let them go. Catherine and Vincent find themselves separated after the last episode. Cat

Beauty and the Beast 2.03 - Liar Liar

by Mieke Trudeau What a perfect title for episode three of the second season of Beauty and the Beast!  As I have written before, I believe that some of the main themes of this show are guilt and secrecy, even if in service of love and family, so I was not surprised to see those explored again here. It especially makes sense in light of the fact that Vincent, after

I May be a Beastie Yet - A Second Look at Beauty and the Beast

by Mieke Trudeau I have a confession to make. Before covering last weekend’s Beauty and the Beast panel at New York Comic Con, I had only watched one episode of the CW show, a re-imagining of the 1987 series by Ron Koslow, then starring Linda Hamilton and Ron Perlman. I was a fan of the original series and even though the October 11th, 2012 pilot was pleasant enough, it didn’t