No Clue: A 'Divine' Chat With Dan Payne

By Stacey Gillard With over 60 acting credits to his name, Dan Payne has graced our screens, big and small, for more than a decade. Following his recent appearance in the Brent Butt movie No Clue, DNM had a chance to ask Dan about his career as well as his plans for the future. DNM Magazine: Congratulations on the role in No Clue! Can you tell us a little bit about your

No Clue: A Modern Film Noir

By Stacey Gillard Who doesn’t love a film noir? The appearance of a beautiful, troubled femme fatale, the reluctant hero, the plot that twists and turns so many times it makes your head spin. With No Clue, writer Brent Butt and director Carl Bessai bring us a modern, comedic take on the cinematic classic and whisk us away for an hour and a half of suspense and hilarity. Butt also

Salute to Supernatural Vancouver Convention 2013 - Friday Panels

By Stacey Gillard August 23rd marked the beginning of Creation Entertainment’s Salute to Supernatural Vancouver convention. Although not the biggest convention, “VanCon” has a very special atmosphere as it is the home of the show, so many crew members come and hang out on their days off. Richard Speight Jr. was the host of the entire weekend and did a great job warming up the crowd before panels, introducing the guests

Fandom: A Con-Goer's Perspective

By Stacey Gillard Four years ago, fuelled by an illness and a desire to have something to look forward to, I made a decision that took me on a new and surprisingly life-altering path: I booked tickets to go to one day of the Supernatural fan convention in my home town of Vancouver. The idea of attending such an event had never appealed to me. Because of a possibly unfair

Supernatural - Taxi Driver

I avoid my Twitter timeline like the plague on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Ok, I avoid it like the plague EVERY day, but I especially don’t even peek at it on those two days. On those days, the Supernatural fandom goes nuts in its own polarizing way, and between the lovers and the haters, it can all get a little nasty. That being said, I think the majority of its fans

Primeval: New World, Episode 2 - Sisiutl

After an explosive series premiere, Primeval: New World settled right into story-telling and brought us the kind of action packed stand alone episode that we had come to expect from the original show that spun off this North American counter part. This week we saw the newly formed team battling a Titanaboa and the visual effects were once again stellar in the way they portrayed this monster snake. The formation

What Happens "After"? || A New Series

Ivan Hayden is a bit of a visionary.  He’s also full of energy, has a wicked sense of humor and a genuine love for his field of work.  It’s contagious. Remember “Divine:The Series“? Amazing piece of work that you should see if you haven’t.  Well, a lot of the creative minds behind “Divine” have spawned another series, “After:the Series”. “The After is not what we were led to believe in

Vancouver SPN Convention: Breakfast With the Boys

Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester) and Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester) arrived promptly for their appearance at the “Salute to Supernatural” Convention at the Sheraton Wall Centre Sunday morning.  Looking well-rested and more than a little mischievous the two stars of “Supernatural” put on a great welcome to their fans. If you’ve ever watched a video of one of their appearances it will come as no surprise to you that Jared broke his microphone

An Escape from the Daily Grind

Asked to describe the Grouse Grind in a phrase, most will use the word “challenge”, others “busy”, some even equate it to a pilgrimage to the cold beer you know awaits you at the summit. But the resounding feeling is one of accomplishment. Thirty minutes from the heart of downtown Vancouver, Grouse Mountain is an outdoor enthusiast’s mecca. In the winter, skiers and snowboarders alike take advantage of the Olympic