mandy musgrave

Matt taking photos with fans at the Karaoke Night || ©CKinzie

One of the things I always look forward to at “Supernatural” conventions is speaking with Matt Cohen. He was great on “Supernatural” as Young John Winchester but beyond that; he is a really great guy. Matt always seems to be the one who takes a moment to say “hi” to a fan who looks shy. During karaoke, he’s always quick to jump in and help if someone looks a little

Hard Crime, starring Matt Cohen, Gabriel Tigerman, & Richard Speight, Jr.

Hard Crime Written & directed by Lee Ehlers Starring Matt Cohen, Gabriel Tigerman, Richard Speight, Jr., Mandy Musgrave, & Kathryn Fiore Hard Crime is the grizzled tale of Detective Vick Hammer (Matt Cohen), the world’s toughest cop, as he and his wet-behind-the-ears rookie (Gabe Tigerman) race to stop a maniacal genius (Richard Speight Jr) from taking over the world. Help them get it made by donating to the Hard Crime Kickstarter campaign today!!!