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No Clue: A 'Divine' Chat With Dan Payne

By Stacey Gillard With over 60 acting credits to his name, Dan Payne has graced our screens, big and small, for more than a decade. Following his recent appearance in the Brent Butt movie No Clue, DNM had a chance to ask Dan about his career as well as his plans for the future. DNM Magazine: Congratulations on the role in No Clue! Can you tell us a little bit about your

No Clue: A Modern Film Noir

By Stacey Gillard Who doesn’t love a film noir? The appearance of a beautiful, troubled femme fatale, the reluctant hero, the plot that twists and turns so many times it makes your head spin. With No Clue, writer Brent Butt and director Carl Bessai bring us a modern, comedic take on the cinematic classic and whisk us away for an hour and a half of suspense and hilarity. Butt also

Primeval New World, Episode 10 - The Great Escape

Leggy’s back! Okay, it might not be that much of a surprise, we all knew he’d be making a repeat appearance the minute Lt Leeds kidnapped (birdnapped?) him at the end of episode 4. But I, for one, was thrilled to see him. This episode answered so many questions about Leeds. My suspicions after last week that he wasn’t in as much control as he thought were confirmed. While the comedic aspects

Divine: The Series – Episode 1 – Divine

I. AM. IN. I didn’t hear a thing about this project by Ivan Hayden, Kirk Jaques, Jason Fischer, and Misha Collins. I am extremely thankful that I caught wind of it before it premiered. Written by Ivan Hayden and Kirk Jaques, Divine deals in crises of faith and belief in the telling of a true miracle. Father Christopher (Misha Collins) answers a knock on the door, to find Divine (Dan