Beauty and the Beast 2.15 – Catch Me If You Can

By Mieke Trudeau “You can’t completely deny your other half. That’s you too.” Truer words were never spoken, and once again they came from JT – Beauty and the Beast’s own Yoda to Vincent’s Luke Skywalker. All along we have been witnessing the struggle between the heart and reason, between beast and human. Catherine is eager to move on from all the heartbreak in her past, by denying her romantic,

Beauty and the Beast 2.13 – Till Death

By Mieke Trudeau “I was so focused on who he had been that I couldn’t see what he had become” Those words, spoken by Agent Landon, at the end of “Till Death”, nicely sum up the message we seemingly are supposed to take away from the latest BatB episode. Catherine has trouble trusting Gabe. She has been holding back on their relationship and while searching the dungeon for clues, she

Beauty and the Beast 2.11 - Held Hostage

By Mieke Trudeau Hallelujah!! Talking! Apologies! Understanding! I held my breath through some of those scenes for fear that it would all go sideways again. Phew! But let me start at the beginning. Catherine, while preparing for Tess’ surprise birthday party, is trying very hard to convince herself and Gabe that she is completely over Vincent.  She is only still involved because of her ancestral connection to the mysterious necklace.

Beauty and the Beast 2.08 - Man or Beast?

by Mieke Trudeau In the series’ mid season finale, the beast of the week is Vincent himself. After last week’s explosive conclusion, everyone, including Catherine and Agent Reynolds, think that Vincent is dead. He narrowly escaped a fiery death by persuading Tori, who was bound and served up as his bait, to tap into her beast nature. Amplifying each other’s powers, they managed to get away safely. Catherine is certainly

Beauty and the Beast 2.04 - Hothead

by Mieke Trudeau Memories are complicated. They can hold us back, stuck in the past. They can remind us of good times but also bad. They can teach us lessons and point us to a different truth, to move us forward where they free us from misconception and mistrust. Sometimes it may even be good to let them go. Catherine and Vincent find themselves separated after the last episode. Cat

Beauty and the Beast 2.03 - Liar Liar

by Mieke Trudeau What a perfect title for episode three of the second season of Beauty and the Beast!  As I have written before, I believe that some of the main themes of this show are guilt and secrecy, even if in service of love and family, so I was not surprised to see those explored again here. It especially makes sense in light of the fact that Vincent, after