Supernatural - 9.10, 9.11, & 9.12

by Jennifer Pitt I’ve been having  a hard time sitting down to write about Supernatural post-midseason hiatus. I’m loving it and I am not, all at the same time. Maybe it’s because the mid-season hiatus is so long that I feel a disconnect between the last episode in December and the first in January. I have enjoyed each of the three episodes for their own merits, but I keep having

Supernatural 9.09 - Holy Terror

By Stacey Gillard I’m not entirely sure what just happened. As prepared as I usually am for some kind of heartbreak from Supernatural, the devastating blow they dealt us in the mid-season finale has thrown me for a loop. Let’s rewind for a second. The angels are starting a war because each faction believes they can take on Metatron, win, and regain heaven. Meanwhile Metatron is trying to be the

Supernatural - Season 9, Episode 2 - Devil May Care

I have a confession to make. I was confused for much of this episode – I missed the scene last week when Sam was Sam and Ezekiel had assured Dean that Sam would be running the show and that he would lay low in the background. So until Ezekiel came forward and assured Dean that Sam was unconscious, I was really wondering if I had even watched last week or

Supernatural - Taxi Driver

I avoid my Twitter timeline like the plague on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Ok, I avoid it like the plague EVERY day, but I especially don’t even peek at it on those two days. On those days, the Supernatural fandom goes nuts in its own polarizing way, and between the lovers and the haters, it can all get a little nasty. That being said, I think the majority of its fans

Supernatural – Torn and Frayed – The Break-up Episode

It was all about the break-ups last week. And the unhealthy but much-needed reconciliations. Sam takes off over the death of Martin Creasor and Dean’s defence of Benny for it, and for Dean tricking Sam into running to Amelia. After Amelia spies Sam peeping in her windows, she confronts him at the motel. They spend the night together and decide they will meet again two days hence: if one or

Supernatural, Season 8 - Vampires, Angels, & Loyalty

Reviewing Supernatural is such a stumbling block for me sometimes. I think it’s because I don’t always share the general sentiment, which is fuelled by a passion or a hatred I also don’t always share. I like all of the episodes, to varying degrees: some I like more (The French Mistake), some I like less (Fallen Idols – and ONLY because a certain person was in it; even that episode

Supernatural - Season 8 Premiere

I barely know what to say. Not sure how I feel about the vibe so far. Dean is giving off ‘Future Dean’ vibes – angry, beaten, defiant, vengeful; all at the same time. And yet, he cares about Kevin Tran. I know it’s only the beginning. Still makes me nervous. I understand he’s mad at Sam, I would be too; even though they agreed to go on without each other,

Supernatural - Hope(s) for Season 8, Please!

I have been struggling for a while to write this article. Largely because a.) I was not a huge fan of Season 7; and b.) I know that what I want can never happen. I enjoy both styles of story arcs, for different reasons. I enjoy the ongoing mythology story lines, because they give me a common theme for an entire season. I enjoy the monster-of-the-week style because there isn’t

Saving People, Hunting Things - It's a Wonderful Life?

Damian: “You’re wrong, you know. “ Dean: “I’m sorry?” Damian: “About Supernatural. No offence, but..I’m not sure you get what the story is about.” Dean: “Is that so?” Damian: “In real life, he fixes stereo equipment, and I fix copiers. Our lives suck. But to be Sam and Dean… wake up every morning and save the world, to have a brother who would die for you…well, who wouldn’t want that?”