Gordie Johnson’s Psychedelic Stampede Breakfast Performance

Attending a Calgary Stampede Breakfast can sometimes mean long lines in order to eat a cold, puck-like pancake substance at a table full of strangers. This year however, Heritage Music and Poster Shop’s Psychedelic Stampede Breakfast had much more to offer: Cereal in a vinyl bowl, cupcakes, and a solo performance from Big Sugar/Grady’s Gordie Johnson! Following an energetic opening performance by Calgary’s James Dangerous & the CIA, attendees at

Hell On Wheels - Getting Down & Dirty with April Telek

Hell On Wheels tells the tale of a group of people thrown together to build the Union Pacific Railroad expansion. The town, and its people, follow the railroad and the work as it heads west. Racial tensions, harsh conditions, and a never-ending struggle for fortune flesh out the guts of what it was like in 1865, post-Civil War America. I recently had the amazing opportunity to chat with the lovely