big sugar

Gordie Johnson’s Psychedelic Stampede Breakfast Performance

Attending a Calgary Stampede Breakfast can sometimes mean long lines in order to eat a cold, puck-like pancake substance at a table full of strangers. This year however, Heritage Music and Poster Shop’s Psychedelic Stampede Breakfast had much more to offer: Cereal in a vinyl bowl, cupcakes, and a solo performance from Big Sugar/Grady’s Gordie Johnson! Following an energetic opening performance by Calgary’s James Dangerous & the CIA, attendees at

Meredith Shaw, in a Place Called Happy

I wasn’t prepared for how much I would enjoy this show. It is difficult to describe the voice and sound of Meredith Shaw. To come up with comparisons would not do her justice; every possible comparison I come up with leaves something out. Meredith has a sound and a vibe that I could only recreate in a Petrie dish with the DNA of every artist I like, and that wouldn’t