The Walking Dead - Season 3, Episode 10 - Home

I didn’t write about the first episode back from the mid-season hiatus for a few reasons – I loved and hated it, it was terrible and awesome, and I couldn’t pick a side. I am a Daryl Dixon fan, and not a Merle Dixon fan. When we waited all hiatus to see what the showdown between the two would bring, only to have Daryl disappear with Merle – it was

The Walking Dead - Season 3, Episode 4 - Killer Within

I don’t even know where to begin – a shocking episode, to say the least. No better way to shake up a story and keep people guessing than to kill off three main characters who have been in since the early days. We’re a few weeks into the season without me having written a review yet; it’s not laziness, I promise. I wanted to give it a few episodes so

The Walking Dead - Season 2 Finale - Before The Dying Fire

So that’s where they came from! I was having some trouble believing that nobody would hear thousands of walkers stumbling around in a forest – turns out they just arrived! Following the helicopter Rick saw in the beginning, it leads them right down the highway to the farm. To all the people who have sent me their thoughts (and rants) on the thinning of the group, in terms of losing Patricia

The Walking Dead – Nebraska, Mid-Season Premier

The Walking Dead aired its mid-season premier last night on AMC. I don’t even know how to begin this. This had to be the best Walking Dead episode to date. So powerful, and finally starting to reveal some true character from Rick, Shane, and Lori. Since I am shunning recaps on The Walking Dead (because if you can read it, why watch it – and you NEED to watch it),

Hell On Wheels - Getting Down & Dirty with April Telek

Hell On Wheels tells the tale of a group of people thrown together to build the Union Pacific Railroad expansion. The town, and its people, follow the railroad and the work as it heads west. Racial tensions, harsh conditions, and a never-ending struggle for fortune flesh out the guts of what it was like in 1865, post-Civil War America. I recently had the amazing opportunity to chat with the lovely

Hell On Wheels - Season Finale - What the Hell??

The season finale episode of Hell on Wheels aired last night on AMC. This was the best episode yet. This show started off amazing and got better from there. Cullen rides across a field, towards a homestead that has been burning. Smoke swirls in the wind as he comes up to the house and gets off his horse. He enters the house that is in complete disarray and calls out

Hell On Wheels - Episode 9, Timshel

But you are not alone in this And you are not alone in this As brothers we will stand, and we’ll hold your hand. Hold your hand. – Mumford and Sons, Timshel The episode opens to the battle being fought between Cullen, Joseph, Elam, and the two Union soldiers and the native tribe that massacred Robert and the other workers. They win, and the fight ends with Joseph killing his