Supernatural – Taxi Driver


I avoid my Twitter timeline like the plague on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Ok, I avoid it like the plague EVERY day, but I especially don’t even peek at it on those two days. On those days, the Supernatural fandom goes nuts in its own polarizing way, and between the lovers and the haters, it can all get a little nasty.

That being said, I think the majority of its fans can agree that this episode was vastly different from the norm. The most glaring difference, for me, was that Dean was not his usual pig-headed, stubborn self – he seemed quite humbled by the fact that Sam had to complete the trials on his own, and was finally accepting it.

Throughout the seasons, we’ve seen Dean and Sam go from foppish boys to angry yet gallant young men to responsible and even compassionate men. People have long decried the way the writers are taking the characters, but as I have said time and again that is the only way for a show to remain on the air; natural progression is not a crime, it’s a fact of television ‘life’. I appreciate the wrinkles around their eyes, and the way they actually think things out instead of slice now ask questions later.


Seeing Dean appreciate the bitter irony of asking Benny for a favour – to risk himself to save Sam – after denying Benny’s last request for help was a welcome change from his usual demand that people help at any cost. It shows the writers recognize the need for growth and the knowledge that time does actually move forward, even in television land. It’s the earmark of a great show to be able to follow and grow along with its characters, and to be able to see their maturing mirror our own.


And who doesn’t love a good Winchester hug???You all know I started my ‘SPN life’ later than most fans – after I binged on Seasons 1-6 in 2010, I was hooked. Two conventions later, including the holy grail of cons in Vancouver, I am still hooked. Admittedly, I don’t share the ‘passion’ that a lot of you share regarding the ups and downs Dean and Sam have gone through, and care very little about the ‘Sam-centric’ or ‘Dean-centric’ episode arguments. However, I do adore both characters very much. While I am very happy to see the natural character movement through their ages,I can’t help but see the end in sight – they really can’t go on hunting forever. Can they??

No, I didn’t forget…..anyone else miss this face???


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