Primeval: New World, Episode 2 – Sisiutl

Primeval: New World, Episode 2 - Sisiutl

After an explosive series premiere, Primeval: New World settled right into story-telling and brought us the kind of action packed stand alone episode that we had come to expect from the original show that spun off this North American counter part. This week we saw the newly formed team battling a Titanaboa and the visual effects were once again stellar in the way they portrayed this monster snake.

The formation of the team now seems complete, with Dylan apparently making the decision to quit her job at the Predator Response Unit to help Evan track down anomalies. Her intial reluctance to give up on the only career she’d ever known was refreshing to see. She didn’t just immediately latch onto a questionable position with Evan after their experiences in the first episode and was even annoyed at his involvement in the hunt for this week’s predator. Hopefully this will be a platform for her to be a voice of reason in Evan’s reckless pursuit of the creatures that killed his wife and be the cause of some debate between characters.

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The chemistry between Dylan and Evan escalated even more this week. I hope this is handled properly by the producers. I’m not saying I don’t enjoy the quiet looks that last a beat longer than they should, and there’s no denying the chemistry between the actors is there. But while it’s an interesting side story, especially considering Evan’s grief, it can become a distraction from the main reason for the show.

It may only be episode 2 but Lieutenant Leeds is becoming a favourite character of mine! His unwavering ability to put his foot in his mouth, as he did when mentioning Evan’s late wife, is a fantastic injection of comic relief. He’s so proud of his job and even if he’s aware of the ridicule he’s subject to, he just takes it all in his stride, puts his head down and comes up with whatever solution he’s been asked to find.

This is probably a slightly biased view considering it’s my home, but I really love watching shows that let Vancouver be Vancouver! It is already apparent that Primeval: New World is going to take advantage of the gorgeous and varied scenery that the city and its surroundings has to offer; it’s not a stretch to imagine prehistoric creatures prowling the footpaths of Stanley Park as it is!

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All in all, while not particularly arc-heavy, this episode eased us into what we should be expecting week to week while giving us enough character exposition to round out the origin story started in the premiere.

Primeval: New World airs in Canada on SPACE on Monday at 10E/7P

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