Primeval: New World, Episode 3 – Fear of Flying

Primeval: New World, Episode 3 - Fear of Flying

A lot of shows give us episodes where main characters are stuck in tight quarters together in a perilous situation, and this week’s Primeval: New World was just that; but rather than just scene after scene of lamenting their position and talking about the people they’ll miss if they die, there was a real sense of urgency in Evan and Dylan trying to MacGyver a way to get the plane off the ground and back to our time.

The special effects department once again brought us convincing creatures in the form of the myriad of bugs swarming the plane. I’m actually very fond of insects in most forms but even I found myself itching all over and cringing every time one of the little critters made its way into the aircraft.

Photo courtesy of Primeval: New World

The mother beetle that came through to our time was an amazing VFX creation. I enjoyed watching Mac and Sam trying to corral her. Although I must admit I’m a little confused about Sam’s appearance; it seems Toby knows her and I could be missing something from previous episodes, but I’m hoping her proficiency with a tranquilizer gun will be explained later. I’m not usually squeamish but the scene where she removed the egg sac from the poor airport worker’s throat was one of the most vomit-inducing scenes I’ve seen in a while!

After my comments last week about not focusing on the chemistry between Dylan and Evan, I may just have to eat my words. The discussion of the prospect of being the start of the human race was so electrically charged I’m surprised the electronics of the plane didn’t short out all over again. It seems that from Evan’s perspective it was purely a practical, scientific musing, but he did seem to take some pleasure in Dylan’s obvious embarrassment. It was very well written and acted, with enough subtlety to not be clichéd, and I’m really looking forward to the development of this relationship.

Photo courtesy of Primeval: New World

Evan’s brutal honesty and impatience with the doomed co-pilot was interesting to see. In conversation with her he admitted that the people he worked with are the only people who mean anything to him, and I think the way he treated her showed his inability to connect to others on an emotional level. While he did eventually soften, it was only after some reproachful looks from Dylan, who seems to be taking on the mantle of his moral compass. Hopefully now that she’s starting to learn more about how his wife died she’ll be able to understand the motivation for his actions and temper his recklessness.

I do have some concerns about the fact that a DC3 and two homo sapien corpses are abandoned somewhere in the past, a fact that Evan and Dylan showed concern over not allowing to happen. But overall, another action packed episode with a lot of character development that I enjoyed immensely.

Primeval: New World airs on SPACE at 10E/7P

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