Beauty and the Beast 2.11 - Held Hostage

By Mieke Trudeau Hallelujah!! Talking! Apologies! Understanding! I held my breath through some of those scenes for fear that it would all go sideways again. Phew! But let me start at the beginning. Catherine, while preparing for Tess’ surprise birthday party, is trying very hard to convince herself and Gabe that she is completely over Vincent.  She is only still involved because of her ancestral connection to the mysterious necklace.

Supernatural - 9.10, 9.11, & 9.12

by Jennifer Pitt I’ve been having  a hard time sitting down to write about Supernatural post-midseason hiatus. I’m loving it and I am not, all at the same time. Maybe it’s because the mid-season hiatus is so long that I feel a disconnect between the last episode in December and the first in January. I have enjoyed each of the three episodes for their own merits, but I keep having

Beauty and the Beast 2.10 - Ancestors

By Mieke Trudeau Vincent and Catherine are both struggling to find themselves and their place in the world, if that world seemingly does not include each other. Vincent may have physically come out of hiding, but he is still lying about who he really is. He is resisting Tori’s vision of his future, which includes playing the handsome amnesiac war hero. Instead, he wants to focus on his past and

Beauty and the Beast 2.09 – Don’t Die On Me

by Mieke Trudeau Holy Beasties! That was an episode full of revelations, confessions and twists! Cat is not only still reeling from the fact that she shot Vincent for choosing his beast side over her, she is also being investigated by Internal Affairs for her handling of her father’s arrest. A bullet was found at the scene and once again she faces the choice between protecting herself by telling the

Confession: I Have Anxiety

By Stacey Gillard As hard as this is for me to admit, I’ve been having some struggles in my life lately. Writing has always been a form of therapy for me so in the midst of this crisis I decided to write. The result is here, raw and unedited. If my confession encourages even one person to open up to a friend about their own experiences, I will deem it a success.

Best of 2013 TV - My Top Ten List

by Mieke Trudeau After the decorations have been put away and the last of the confetti swept up, there is some time for reflection as we look forward to what the New Year will bring. In TV land, the holidays mean festive specials and traditional fare but also a long hiatus for most running shows. Fortunately, the next few weeks will bring the return of our favorites and also the

Drinking Buddies - A New Breed Of Rom-Com?

By Stacey Gillard Every so often a movie comes along that is so predictable and clichéd it hurts. Drinking Buddies is NOT one of them. I’ll be honest and say that I had no idea what the premise was when I ordered it on demand in a post-Christmas, slightly alcohol-induced haze. I’d seen the previews and thought it looked good for a laugh and that was about all I needed. Expecting

Fall TV Season: Mid-Season Report Card

By Stacey Gillard Just before the 2013 Fall TV season started I wrote a preview of 4 new shows that had people talking; highly anticipated premieres, each with a unique premise. As we are now in the middle of what some call “hellatus”, that awful mid-season break in broadcasting, I thought I’d revisit what I wrote back in September and give each new show a report card. SLEEPY HOLLOW: A- I’ve made no

Tailgate32: Family, Food, and Football

by Jennifer Pitt No matter what your poison is, if you are a sports fan you can bet on riding the highs and hanging on through the lows. As for not feeling the pain or sharing the joy alone, no one does it better than football tailgaters. According to the American Tailgaters Association (I know!!!), the first ever ‘tailgate’ party was during the Civil War, and had nothing at all to do