Hell On Wheels - Episode 9, Timshel

But you are not alone in this And you are not alone in this As brothers we will stand, and we’ll hold your hand. Hold your hand. – Mumford and Sons, Timshel The episode opens to the battle being fought between Cullen, Joseph, Elam, and the two Union soldiers and the native tribe that massacred Robert and the other workers. They win, and the fight ends with Joseph killing his

Hell on Wheels - The Best New Show on AMC

I am addicted to this show. Set in 1865, post-Civil War America, Hell on Wheels is a depiction of life working on and living with the crews expanding the Union Pacific Railway to the west. It is about one man’s quest for vengeance and another man’s quest for equality. A gritty story of greed and corruption in a travelling ‘tent city’ that is replete with violence, prostitution, alcoholism and racial

John Winchester’s Journal – Alex Irvine

I really enjoyed this book, if it was at times sort of above my head. I took the book as three side stories woven together to form the book: 1). the history and descriptions of the monsters they fight and the exorcism rituals, tools, weapons, and they use to fight them; 2.) the story of Mary’s death and how John moves forward without her; and finally, 3.) the story of Dean

BQN 9R3, KAZ 2Y5, & CNK 80Q3 - Ode to Metallicar

Ahh, Metallicar. Baby. The Impala. Which will forever be capitalized. I adore this car – I have always been a big fan of muscle cars, ergo…..yum. In the first two Seasons, the Impala had a Kansas license plate – KAZ 2Y5. Towards the end of Season 2, the license plate changed to CNK 80Q3, from Ohio. This change wasn’t much of a surprise to longtime Supernatural fans, because as we all know – the

Dexter - Season 6 Finale - Do They or Don't They?

I think this was the best episode of the season. It had all of the typical hold-your-breath moments that we have come to expect from the Dexter series. It almost made up for all of the ‘extras’ Dexter has been doing this season (acting like a medical examiner and crime scene technician, all while seeing blood droplets from across the room, on a doorknob). At one point, Dexter tells Deb

The Rum Diary, Based on the Novel by Hunter S. Thompson

Based on the novel The Rum Diary (1961), this movie starring Johnny Depp (Paul Kemp), Aaron Eckhart (Sanderson), & Amber Heard (Chenault), is the story of Paul Kemp’s journey to San Juan to work for a newspaper that is barely solvent, and teetering on the edge of bankruptcy. For those who know my love for everything Thompson, you know how painful this is for me to write. I just came from seeing

Brian Buckley Band – “Hysterical Blindness”

I take a lot of flak from certain people over the Brian Buckley band.  Let me explain. The first time I listened to their music it was on YouTube.  The sound was really crappy, the crowd was loud and I made a snap judgment.  Unfortunately, I told people I didn’t like them. I have this friend.  He has pretty good taste; he tells it like it is, he’s pretty assertive. 

Matt Cohen: As He Really Is

While Matt Cohen was in Vancouver to appear at the “Creation Salute to Supernatural Convention” I was lucky enough to catch up with him.  After we exchanged a few confusing text messages I headed up to his room shortly after he arrived in BC. As soon as I knocked on the door I heard a muffled yell and then the door was flung open.  The “do not disturb” sign went

Emma Donoghue On Writing

She might have been born in Ireland but Canadians are delighted to lay claim to, perhaps, one of our most well-known authors. Emma Donaghue was born in Ireland in 1969 into a large Catholic family. In 1998 she finally moved to Canada after years of “commuting” and now resides in Ontario with partner Chris Roulston and their two children. Donaghue’s most recent book “Room” is currently on the best seller’s