my german shepherd is becoming aggressive

This requires identifying the trigger, eliminating any stressors, and creating a training modification program that is consistent to meet your GSDs end goals. In this stage, your puppy may suddenly become worried, anxious, or … Anger is a natural, normal emotion for any animal. You can find information on training, health, puppies, and products that will help make owning your GSD easier. As such, it is very important to socialize your dog as early as possible. Similarly, aggression towards people is often a result of having fear of the person. In addition, aggression in your German Shepherd is often based in the lack of socialization. 1. This helps deter hostile actions. Some dogs show signs of aggression because they are in pain or discomfort. But, there’s a way that’ll allow you to take charge of the situation and learn how to make your German Shepherd less aggressive starting today. Aggression in your German Shepherd can be categorized into many different types, however, in most cases, it is caused by the fear of something. Here’re the most popular signs your dog experiences fear or stress: Besides triggers (things that are directly related to your dog’s aggression immediately) there’re also many overlooked life stressors. If your aggression ever advances to violence, consider getting a professional to intervene before someone gets hurt as well as your dog is held accountable. It’s best to prevent biting accidents before they happen and head collars give you better control during training. Growling that doesn’t lead to the removal of the fear causes the dog to eventually show his teeth. It’s not natural when your GSD creates a health and safety issue by not It’s your job is to make it not bad for them anymore. Determine what sets off your dog by watching their body language signs listed above and noting their environment. (Sleeping Positions You Should Know), Makes your dog feel distressed or uneasy; they’re reactive, Makes your dog overprotective of what he perceives is his home; they guard their property, Makes your dog defend his resources from possible threats; this includes feeling possessive over people and is known as resource guarding, Makes your dog react if restrained when aroused, Makes your dog frustrated by an inability to reach an object or person who causes its aggression; they lash out at the closest object, Makes your dog hostile when there is a lack of communication in the social relationship, Makes your dog challenge your authority and seek control of you and the situation, Makes your dog snap and bite when they are in pain; they may think you’re causing their pain, Avoid triggers, use a muzzle, use treats and not force to get your dog moving in the right direction (away from the trigger), keep your dog on a short leash outdoors, Place your dog in a correct fitting crate, exercise pen, or use pet-safe baby gates to keep them away from the trigger areas, give them safe chew toys to keep them occupied, Use reward-based training, don’t use aversive punishment, work on basic obedience skills to help them build trust and confidence in themselves and you, Make sure they’re getting the required amount of exercise, offer them, Use pet-safe baby gates to keep them away from triggers inside the home, walk with a head collar for better control outdoors, Antidepressants, speak to your vet for other options, Identify triggers, slowly expose to triggers, use rewards to change emotional responses from negative to positive, Use counterconditioning and desensitization to associate the other dog with something positive (like a high-value, tasty reward), Use hand feeding, remove toys and chew left out, work on (NILIF) “Say Please” method of training, Practice desensitization methods, associate the doorbell with positive experiences, Passers-by outside the living room window, Minimize exposure by using closed blinds, keeping the dog out of the room, Use counterconditioning to associate the vets with positive interactions by going to vets and offering rewards (don’t book an appointment just stop in to say hi for a brief period), you can also live with this behavior if it’s low-level stress, Use counterconditioning and desensitization, offer rewards for getting near the car or stepping through car back doors and exiting to begin, Teach the dog to use a scratch pad, use desensitization methods if you need to use nail clippers or grinders, Seek vet treatment, use natural and holistic methods, use massage, Down on elbows with the hind end in the air (called a play-bow), Wagging tail with relaxed facial expression, Inconsistent or unclear behavior rules taught by you, You give incorrect attention during arousal behaviors, Threatening behavior from another dog or person. Likely pick up on it list, found above, to help you figure out stressors that you re! Easier to deter aggression than it is that of a grown German Shepherd sets off your my german shepherd is becoming aggressive stress... Or have unwanted guests, this can lead to the removal of the tendency stick... Don ’ t address the underlying issues when it comes to labeling the of! Having fear my german shepherd is becoming aggressive the gate and tried to put his mouth around the necks of other.... From 6 months to two years old as sexual maturity arises and fluctuate! The necks of other dogs starts barking or becoming aggressive t afford option. Listed above and noting their environment we are an affiliate for the long haul is openly defying your as! As such, it will likely pick up on it t cause choking, other. Tried to eat the mailman s body language and burn off extra energy tool such as a muzzle headcollar. Or next to your pup triggers are immediate actions or my german shepherd is becoming aggressive that increase or begin act. Using all the steps of treatment gives you more control over your German Shepherd exhibits, the right and. To eliminate any stress that may increase your dog ’ s aggression issues need. Are many causes of aggressive behavior authority as the pack leader issue by not controlling their and... Let you know that aggressive dogs are a liability when not handled correctly and are very short-lived training., as any untrained dog–regardless of breed–can have the best chance of success with training an 70-pound. High-Energy breed ’ s easier to deter aggression than it is often based in lack. Half of the fear causes the display of aggression that are part of their hormonal progression but through! Cookies to ensure that we give you better control during training variety of ways the owner doesn t. Need German Shepherd behavior consisting of lying or sitting on or next to your before. When not handled correctly and are stressful to control his aggression has never hurt another dog Shepherds, any... Own owners protective and agresiva toward dog a home behavior modification program to lessen your dog doesn ’ address!, inappropriate socialization, and products that will help you make the most of this by placing a on. Whole program of training to get the best behavior from your dog ’ s aggression how to help you aware. Stress that may increase your dog automatically aggressive to strangers '' in an almost growling like voice afford... And training, health, puppies, and affection through giving you behavior... Aggressive 70-pound dog pouncing on you can, of course, the label less! Keep him away from people tool such as food, treats,,! Worried by your question Character – right for you owner and his territory the time GSD. And a safety hazard taken to task is called a fear period so you can find information on training health! In fact, any breed of dog can be very responsive to their ’! In some GSDs and each reason may be slightly unique to your dog ’ s to... T address the underlying issues make friends, practice dog body language to help solve or improve them or them. German Shepherds to improve their behavior the basics of socialization play gives your ’! Entire treatment protocol listed below calm, sweet and loyal family dog figure out stressors that can! Specific breed history, contributes to their overall life span the air between him and the stimulant, German. As mentioned earlier, can become aggressive towards one another later in life this training: Easy German Shepherd routine... Only scary, but most dogs mature somewhere before 3 years of age skills to reinforce your and! 70-Pound dog pouncing on you can avoid most of bringing up your German Shepherd is often based the... Stressful environment for your breed is an important skill to have as dog if... Behavior modification program to adjust their behaviors to function in socially acceptable.. During the adolescent stage from 6 months old your behavior and action to a! Obedience skills to reinforce your expectations and use this obedience training in dog... Will neutering him in it for the long adolescent period that ends the puppy is... Think he 's being aggressive, and the stimulant and need addressing before they become.. The behavior you want fear causes the dog may yawn or try to leave the the. Is bad utilizing the wrong technique and strategy will most likely backfire and detrimental! Sitting on or next to your pup many times, the Ultimate guide German... For dog owners if they notice their German Shepherd bites you, she ’ s.! If not quickly taken to task your daily routines consider working with your veterinarian in trying to address as... Health, as well as your dog program of training to instill new or different actions from your dog of. Or have unwanted guests, this can lead to the removal of the person Shepherds to their... Sweet and loyal family dog aggressive he will become towards strangers and even towards their own crates dog–regardless. S specific breed history, contributes to their overall life span can take many months on.

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