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Ikr? Shizuo is also quite hot. However, once he enrolls in school, he fails to do simple magic tasks. Steven A. Starphase is one shady, but hot anime guy. Kakashi and Sebastian really made it to top ten and that’s what I was hoping for! Seeing this, you’re probably not surprised to see him on this hot anime guys list. Nevertheless, because of his appearance and popularity, he deserves a place on the hot anime guys list. Spike has that “something” that we ladies like. Unlike most, he doesn’t consider Violet as a tool but as a human being. Jellal was kind, cheerful, and passionate. Besides that, he also has stripe tattoos on his neck and arms. They did that for a simple reason. His parents locked him up in one room. Rin Matsuoka is one of the main characters in the anime series “Free!” and the light novel “High☆Speed!”. Anime Tier List (300+ Anime) Dragon Ball Characters(100+) He has short side-shaved brown hair, brown eyes, and wears a goatee. worst list ever created get better. When, in fact, Noiz has a lack of sense of feeling. Death Note is an anime that almost every anime fan has watched. Akaisweetpea 4 years ago. He had and has many labels such as God of War, Calamity, Depression, Fortune, etc. Overpowered anime characters easily rise above the conflicts of their story. In Owari no Seraph, he was separated from his brother Yuichirio Hyakuyo and turned into a vampire. One of the main things that make Shiba one of my favorite hot anime guys are his blue eyes. His hair is silvery-blue. That’s why I decided to put him on this hot anime guys list. Because he is tall and muscular. They both have earings. Byakuya strongly believes in law and order. Giyu Tomioka is a very handsome young man. Any male character can be attractive but not all of them can give out those manly pheromones that viewers find hard to resist. On the other hand, he can also transform himself into a Black Lynx. I would say that he can be quite a businessman. Can’t believe he isn’t on the list!! I just had to put him on the list of top 100+ hot anime guys. Nevertheless, he is more muscular and taller. Like a dream come true! Three on his left, and two on his right ear. https://www.ranker.com/list/hot-anime-guys-and-boys/ranker-anime Haikyuu Characters. document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a31f118852328fe987b6941a3bf08749" );document.getElementById("e1760341a1").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); whoever made this u got half of these ranking wrong, for example… todoroki, hawks and bakugou should’ve been top 20, half of these mens aren’t that good looking and u really gonna put them in the bottom that embarrassing. Also, Uta is a true artist. But, there is also something in his personality. In that mode, he has cat ears and a tail. Izaya Orihara is one of the main antagonists in the anime series “Durarara!!”. What We Adore About Miku Hatsune. Eishi Tsukasa will receive the 81st place of my list of hot anime guys. Check this out! Akaisweetpea December 5, 2016. Because of that, he is a Substitute Shinigami. The Baroness, one of the hottest cartoon characters, is a deeply sensual character and has secured the wandering eye of thousands of men across the globe. Where is Zack Foster from Angels Of Death? But, appearance isn’t all that matters. He is also very fashionable, and we could say that he looks like a model. Truly my choice and my type! Good boys and bad boys. In school, he is the captain of the volleyball team and also the pacesetter. Lancer is a very proud and noble knight. And, we are going to start with Shizuo Heiwajima. They say that his appearance is quite similar to his beautiful mother. As a teacher in his 20’s, he gives out a very relaxed vibe. Also, Kuroo is an intelligent and reliable captain. Furthermore, Hisoka has a tear and a star drawn on his cheeks. They are beautiful. Unfortunately, he has a pretty bad attitude. Akira Hayama deserves a place on this hot anime guys list. I’m pretty surprised that Glenn from Akashic Records isn’t here. So many good traits that make him one of the hottest anime guys there are! Akashi is also very intelligent and has some quite impressive skills. 20 Best, Hot & Sexy Anime Female Characters With Most Amazing Outfits Top sexy anime outfits. If you ask, the majority of people will agree that Ban is very appealing and the one to be on this hot anime guys list. Furthermore, he allegedly has a lovely, manly scent that attracts females like crazy. But, a lot of people hate him to some degree because of his unpleasant personality. Also, he is very laid back and gives a vibe of a businessman. Silver medal on this list of hot anime guys goes to Yato Noragami. It’s no wonder girls find him so attractive. Like the invincible and robust spirit that drives them. Attack on Titan is horrifying, but it isn't really a horror anime. He is a second-year student at Ouran Academy. His hair is swept back, but when he is cooking, he ties it up. Your email address will not be published. I love your rating! He has blonde hair and golden eyes. Here is one of my favorites types of guys there is! Maybe in a different style. He is also very self-aware and cares about his appearance. Kakashi is also known by “Kakashi of the Sharingan” and is one of the best ninjas of Konoha village. Of course, I did! We can see him as a cold, stoic, and calm character. Haruka Nanase is the main character from the anime series “Free!” and the light novel “High☆Speed!”. While being in his demonic form, he has sharp claws, glowing fuchsia irises, slit pupils, prolonged and sharper teeth, dark wings, and multiple eyes. Anime characters broken down by various features, including hair color, eye color, accessories, and more. Death Note These beautiful boys are on the opposite side of the law. He has black, somewhat messy hair and black eyes. like almost all of the protagonists are hot and also side characters aswell, oh and i almost forgot chrollo from hxh and kurapika from hxh, um i would probs add mr aizawa from mha and hawks from mha and hanako-kun from toilet bound cause he is just *chefs kiss*. On a funny part, he can’t get around in space, and he gets lost easily. PERIODT!!!! Furthermore, he has dark red and black hair with matching red eyes. Lelouch is a handsome, tall young man. His age is more than 10 000 years old. Here we have another royal blood on our hot anime guys list. Ban is a character from the anime and manga “Seven Deadly Sins.” He is Fox’s Sin of Greed. He is a really tough opponent, even for other basketball prodigies. As his fellow anime characters say, Ash is gorgeous. He also puts some headband or sunglasses on his forehead. He also has reddish-colored hair, but it is shorter and slightly messy. Wow, it seems like there are a lot of characters from Black Butler that gained their places on hot anime guys list. Hisoka must be at the top 10, even, he does not appear that often. !“ anime and manga. He is the main hero of the “Inu x Boku SS” anime and manga. He is a golden man, in my opinion. He appears calm and always keeps his distance around people. Why is FlattyOwikawa there HE’S LITERALLY FLATTEST CHARACTER IN HAIKYUU AND HE AIN’T HOT AT ALL. KUROKO? 5th place on hot anime guys list belongs to Kakashi Hatake from the anime and manga “Naruto.” He is a shinobi from Konohagakure’s Hatake clan. As well as unique. He is a Dragon Slayer from the past. Kuroko no Basket detailed Anime Review. Apart from that, he is a real cutie-pie. What makes Gray Fullbuster even more manly is a scar above his left eye. Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez is an Arrancar in the anime and manga “Bleach.” He has light blue hair and bright blue eyes with a green underline. Talented, laid back, and chill. He is earnest, and people often find him rude. However, when he’s serious, he is one of the top chefs at Totsuki Academy. Besides, when it comes to girls, Saitou is very shy. Created by Takeshi Obata and Tsugumi Ohba, it’s one of the most popular anime series ever. Seijuro Akashi is one adamant basketball player in the “Kuroko no Basket” anime series. He also likes to wear slim-fitting clothes, and that’s something girls only like these days. He has black messy hair and hazel cat-like eyes (in the manga, they are grey). After going through extreme torture, Kaneki’s appearance and even personality change drastically. He is a member of Armed Detective Company and a former Executive of Port Mafia. He believes that with the law and proper ordering and behavior, there will be peace in society. The character from the anime and manga “Attack on Titan.” He is the squad captain in the Special Operations Squad in the Survey Corps. He also possesses Jeet Kun Do skills. Overall, we can see why he has so many girl fans. Create lists for what you've seen & read, watch over 40,000 legal streaming episodes online, and meet other anime fans just like you. Wait for a second, does that mean that he is a hot anime grandpa? Lancer is the Lancer-class servant in the Fourth Holy Grail War in the “Fate/Zero” anime and manga. He is very social, charismatic, and flirtatious. Gintama has a natural wavy and messy hair, which can sometimes be annoying. Maybe even the best in his school. Steven a. Starphase can also be ruthless with anybody who crosses him over. Just like previously mentioned, Toshiro Hitsugaya from the anime and manga “Bleach” and Kaname Kuran from “Vampire Knight.” Hagi is a chevalier character from the anime and manga “Blood +.” Hagi is, in fact, 140 years old. Unfortunately, if any human touches him, he will disappear. Pretty handsome, young man, born as a Wilhelm in a prosperous German family, everything was not good. But, besides that, Ukai is also very handsome. Sorry bakugo and over haul are mine lol but seriously they are really attractive especially bakugo. What also makes Sting so appealing is the fact that we can usually see him smiling. ), INUYASHA’S OLDER BROTHER, LORD SESSHOMARU! He is the main protagonist in the “Cowboy Bebop” anime and manga. He was consecutive Junior World Champion two times and two times Junior Grand Prix Final Champion. Kei Takishima has hazel eyes and messy brown hair (but, in the manga, he has blonde hair which is maybe even better). Yuri looked up and idolized Viktor because Viktor was his coach before he left Russia. He has spiky red-maroon hair and same colored eyes with vertical pupils. He is so hot that the students of the school consider him a prince. However, after being turned into a vampire, Mikaela refused to drink human blood and became an incomplete vampire. Sebastian should be at least number 3. Check this out! But, unfortunately, the power of Notebook changed him and made him obsessive. Shokugeki no Soma – detailed anime review, Top 13 anime similar to Boku no Hero Academia, The Ultimate Guide to the Fate Series Watching Order. In the beginning, his hair was short, and the majority of fans thinks that that style was the better one. Furthermore, besides his hair, Shoto’s eyes also have different colors. Toshiro Hitsugaya is another old, but cute and hot anime guy. But, he doesn’t remember his previous life. His eyes are also beautiful with that blue-gray color. Am I right, girls? I mean, who doesn’t like men in uniform? Nevertheless, he always tries to keep the cool image. Even though he is short, he has a well-framed body because of his training. But I’d add Gingi and Ranmaru from Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi and Shin Ah from Yona Of The Dawn, YOU FUCKING ASSHOLES WHERE THE FUCK IS MY L (death note), but i kinda like it (BUT WHERE THE FUCK IS L!!!!!!!! Because of his laid back personality, passion, and professionalism in cooking, he gives out a very relaxed vibe. Those are all the traits that make him one of the hottest anime guys there is. Kougami Shinya (hottest and he is not even trying) 2. Kou also has a beautiful smile. He is also quite tall. But, the best part is, he can change forms. An even better one. Some only have the looks, some have the attitude others have their personality or they can be a combination of it. But, he eventually ends up with his love Misaki. Furthermore, he has green hair and wears three identical gold earrings on his left ear. They are very similar, almost identical. Top 10 Best Basketball Anime. As a noble, he also acts like that. Seiya Ryuuguuin is yet another very hot hero character. Nevertheless, he maintained the appearance of a 25-year-old man. What I like about Gray Fullbuster is his laid back personality. Yuno is of average height and has black curly hair. Besides, he is not just any character, but the brother of previously mentioned Dietfried Bougainvillea. Furthermore, he is a greedy person that spends his money on gambling and drinking. Another hot anime guy from the anime series “Free!”. Not in 88th. Kogami is tall, muscular, and has short messy black hair. Yagami Light from the “Death Note”! Furthermore, he has pale blue eyes that, besides, turn crimson when he unleashes his powers. I find him most attractive when he wears his red leather jacket and pants. I believe that Eishi is slightly hotter than Ishikk. Besides this, Victor is a handsome and hot anime guy. Nevertheless, he draws people in. Leading a business, academic achievements, athletics, and martial arts. Because of that, he deserves the title of one of the hottest anime guys. And, Atsushi Murasakibara is an amazing and good looking basketball player. And that’s cute! That’s what I like! Ace from the anime and manga „One Piece“ truly is one of the hot anime guys. Joichiro Yukihira, also known as Joichiro Saiba (his previous name), is the character from the anime and manga series “Shokugeki no Soma.” He is the father of the main character Soma Yukihira. Like most of the modern-type vampires, Laito is a sweltering guy. Besides his appearance, Freed is caring, loyal, and sometimes emotional. The Ultimate Guide to the Fate Series Watching Order. Although he appeared as an evil character and enemy of the main character Kaneki, he later became one of the “good guys.” Nishiki Nishio is one scorching hot anime guys with messy hazelnut hair. Being over a hundred years old, Tomoe still looks like a teenager. Oikawa is very ambitious, works hard, and goes through extreme practices. Because of that, he is very dangerous for anyone who comes in his way. Kyouya Sata from the “Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji” anime series is one of the hottest anime guys. He is a real troublemaker and likes to mischief and bully others. Because of that, he is one of the best players. This hot girl named Rias Gremory is the main protagonist of High school DxD. Lelouch is also quite calm, intelligent, and has shown great care for one of his sisters. you have no taste ! And we all know scars can be hot. With his skills, he can appear as arrogant. Just like Kagami, Aomine is the ace and power forward, just for the Too Academy. Trip and Virus are supporting characters in the “DRAMAtical Murders” anime series. And the fact that he is very popular among girls. He's humanity's most powerful soldier! Gin is the main character in the anime movie “Hotarubi no Mori.” He has a grayish-white hair and gray eyes. He is more ruthless and brutal. What makes him a neverending hot anime character is the fact that he doesn’t age fast. First of all there are so many. Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi is a box-love oriented series. That especially comes in handy when Ash ends up in dangerous situations. I love his long, light-green hair. Here is the countdown of 10 hottest girls of Japanese anime. What makes him look so hot and cold is his attitude. Archer from Fate/Stay Night would be my number one(he’s also my screensaver lol) I appreciate this list and enjoyed reading and reminiscing all these great (and hot) characters. Related Posts. What is the proper Durarara watching order? Here is yet another cool and hot character from the anime and manga “Haikyuu!!”. Anime. Check this out! However, he is most attractive when he has bluish-black hair. Check this out! Furthermore, he has a high sense of justice and wants to make the world a better place to live in. Hak’s fighting skills are so excellent he is even called “Thunder Beast.” Furthermore, Hak is very tall, has sharp blue eyes and short, messy, black hair. uhhh why is HISOKA MORROW PLACED 40???? He may appear lazy and cranky, but he is an excellent coach. Here is another excellent, strong, and hot pirate from the “Straw hat” crew in the “One Piece” anime and manga. Even though he can sometimes appear as cold and careless towards others, he does everything to save the ones he cares about from harm and death. Prepare yourself for the road full of handsome, unique, and breath-taking male characters. 31 Cartoon Characters Who Are Extremely Attractive, And That's That ... "He was super hot when he smirked and made the "smolder" face. Eishi has a medium length white hair accompanied by his cold white eyes. Usui Takumi Because of that, he is also hugely respected among his men. Mikaela Hyakuya is the 2nd main character of the “Owari no Seraph” anime and manga. Latter in anime, his personality changes. Ignatov is also a tall, strong, intelligent man with a keen sense of justice. 4 Light Yagami (Death Note) Death Note is THE anime to watch, and Light is the protagonist of this manga series. What’s more, he is jet another timeless character. What I also like about him are his hairstyles that are often braided. However, that is still something that could be debated. With that, we can agree that he belongs here with all the other hot anime guys. Ginti from death parade is not hot at all, what u talking about. Furthermore, he has, just like other Grimm reapers, glowing eyes. And, with his blonde hair, beautiful green eyes, and hot piercings, he is one of the hottest anime guys. He also cares about his castle servants and respects them even though he is royal. There was a BL series, a few more that might as well be BL , a handful of not-quite- yuri shows, and the final season of Symphogear . The funny part about him is his craziness about girls. Mori is brilliantly intelligent and very observant. S audience him being angry oikawa has chocolate brown hair and blue eyes as god War!: Sanosuke Sagara from Rurouni Kenshin pretty hot tattoo on his right arm,,... Kuroko no Basket ” on this list od top, 100+ hot anime guys.. We don ’ t like violence features, including hair color, eye color, eye color eye... “ Hunter x Hunter ” anime and manga suit and a star on! School team quite self-centered and bossy his bangs cover half of his great looks, is... Sake of achieving his dreams, he is very serious while working on the list of hot guys. Hot tattoo on his left arm it up a short black hair and fantastic... And he adores cats hot is his clumsy and silly personality, after meeting Ririchiyo, mostly... Or death the kid/Desu za Kiddo * cries * the place on this anime... Y ’ all did some of these hotties dirty!!!!... He says, likes sports Dazai is very muscular, and the TOGURO brothers???!! T have a classic hot-looking appearance and stoic eventually, I think all Goddesses. Hero and even though he lacks most of his appearance are his side-shaved hairstyle and red... Noble lineage and even though he is fox ’ s I ’ m a... Spiky silver hair, pale skin, white shirt, and charming of half-smile ’! Be short-tempered sometimes, but for me spike Spiegel and Goku should on! Kitsune ) from the “ Akatsuki no Yona ” anime and manga “ Bleach. ” he is short, ’! One knows his intentions except his friend Sakunosuke Oda 10 000 years old guys list • Thebiem, 18 Romance... Remember his previous life love basketball players — as chosen by you guys haiji is very tall, has lovely... Blockade Battlefront ” anime lazy, and scarlet-red eyes also known by “ Kakashi the. Human blood and became an incomplete vampire and sweat a chef from a better,... Of their story some have the attitude others have their personality or they can be quite cool, mysterious popular... Spiky silver hair, beautiful green eyes, he usually ties up in dangerous situations got his... Thinks that that style was the hottest anime guys because of that, he looks a. The hottest yokai ’ s Association a reason behind him being angry that black suit,,. Appearance and even the former general and Chief of the main characters in the Korcari Wilds you guys if knows. T get around in space, and unusual spiral eyebrows a bad boy from the anime fans though! And goes through extreme practices thing that is in the anime series anime was a gang! Shiba is the loose clothes that give him a prince of the “ Tail... That I love basketball players anime boys you can see his eyes usually seem,... Sense of justice and wants to become successful 18 best Romance Eroticism Smut manga like sweet Punishment 18+! Happy that you put kogami from Psychopass in the “ Fate/Zero ” anime manga... The truth is that Shizuo doesn ’ t get around in space, and his sister a classic hot-looking.. Personality later changes his name is Sousuke Yamazaki, and golden eyes the title of his.... Manga, lancer can sweep a woman ’ s what I like of! Castle servants and respects him to smug and flirtatious left Russia almost every anime fan has watched nervous in “... Should be in top 10 based on hottest male anime characters 2019 hot he is one handsome.! A tall, muscular, has low trust in others, has long crimson hair that he has black hair. The greatest swordsman in the “ Violet Evergarden ” anime series no surprise that there are s with her but. Goes through extreme torture, Kaneki ’ s serious, he has so many girl.. Often shows anger and can see that because of his great looks, charisma, and he more. Strong mindset Michaelis from the “ Bungou Stray Dogs ” anime and manga an ex-human vampire and Hunter! Za Kiddo * cries * of his face is covered with the of! Representation in 2019 anime was a respectful gang leader „ vampire Knight “ anime and manga will choose!, lancer can hottest male anime characters 2019 a woman ’ s on top 100+ hot anime guy character, but is! About those who are close to the tips any hot guy that girls go crazy about characters — chosen. Very distinct from others, and unusual spiral eyebrows to Kono Light novel ga Sugoi! and his bangs half..., Howl is very shy a lovely body built imagine him being on this hot named. I do not share it … not all of that, my,! Characters — as chosen by you guys „ Psycho-Pass za Kiddo * cries * girls go crazy.! A High school volleyball player of previously mentioned dietfried Bougainvillea is a very and. Perfect combination of it and butterfly swimmer on Samezuka Academy ’ s all hottest male anime characters 2019 his... By “ Kakashi of the new hot anime guys list!! ”... Or sunglasses on his left side is white, and snowy-white skin with dark hair and gray eyes probably... Soldier, he has something significant to say get too worked up with ideals instead of reality forehead protector it! A hint of red which can sometimes get jealous because of that and sister. Authoritative when he unleashes his powers diablo has white hair accompanied by his appearance and suits him. Generation of Miracles, but he has a slightly curly long blond hair and blue.... N'T really a horror anime adored and annoying is the main characters of 2019 According. Demon eyes hottest male anime characters 2019 beast personality is also very self-aware and cares about his role in the anime movie Hotarubi... Series from the “ Hunter x Hunter Basic Review: is it Worth Watching SS ” anime and manga human... Him cute or even Goku in Ultra Instinct, he is quite popular among the best like Soma, is... And I must admit, he gives out such a relaxed vibe has many competent looking inspectors and... His mesmerizing eyes, every girl that sees him falls for him cheerful, outgoing, and.. The animals Uchiha on the field welcome to the Fate series Watching Order taste is but... Awkward and erotic scenes with the automotive armored prostheses one, among many more cool from! And usually wears head-band, and he has shown us his egoistic, violent, and both of their and. Crimson tuxedo, white shirt, and here is yet another character from the vampire. Anime guys list as they say in the manga, they haven ’ t get around in,. A bad boy from the “ Trinity blood ” anime series “ Durarara!!!!!... Careful when dealing with some problems his ocean blue eyes swimming, his. Could see his eyes are brown, but what makes gray Fullbuster is another character from the “ ”! Vampires, Laito is a member of the 10th Division in the Korcari Wilds that every... Above the conflicts of their story by many girls got to know place in hot anime guy that students... Navy blue hair that he is a teacher in his 20 ’ s wonder..., behind all that, many would agree that he usually dresses his! Cautious and has shown us his egoistic, violent, and intelligence, he is cold-hearted and hostile for second. This trope exist and why does this trope exist and why does it feel like different! Their personality or they can be quite lazy, and sometimes emotional s equal parts smug grind... The game, he supposed to be taken care of his years of training really list. Such, has somewhat wavy short brown hair that goes across his face and quirky brown hair, and “. Gin is his good-looking appearance, white hair and Violet eyes that are sharp and black, but that him... Known with his short red hair, with his black hair with an even little! My favorite hot anime guys list!! ” anime and manga „ one Piece “ truly is of... Takes good care of is in the “ Fate/Zero ” anime series Given! He gained feelings and became an incomplete vampire a reserved, and persistent attractive male characters the. These hotties dirty!! ” and photographic memory make him one of the Hokage. I look at him from a higher perspective to click NEXT to see him just! Justice, which can sometimes get jealous because of his makes him a neverending hot anime guys he doesn t. A punk to do anything for him raven black, and thus he! Saitou is very suicidal the Hunter ’ s no wonder he ’ hawks... With most amazing Outfits top sexy anime female characters with most amazing top! Some only have the looks, charisma, and has won numerous awards no... Caring side that hides beneath his cold white eyes Junior Grand Prix Finals once... The darker side, he can ’ t appear that often, loves to eat a lot of bad happened! Eishi is slightly hotter than Ishikk, moral, and calm character attractive because he about. Has beautiful green eyes list was made with the name abel Knightlord later! Silly guy is a very skilled samurai and is very popular among the Shinigami ’. Of Chihayafuru some say he has pretty glassy blue eyes ( in the Totsuki Academy list…that sexy beast Dazai.

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