how to get to autumn plains spyro

Head straight forward along the edge of the acid pool here for two Baskets (two purples) on the other side, then continue around for a red, purple and two green Gems. Head back out and jump up the steps to the right of the gate that we passed earlier for two reds and two purples, then use the lava rocks here three times to break through the bone wall on your right. Grab the three red Gems at the top, then the two Vases to the left and right of this ledge you're on (two purples). As you emerge outside again, grab two more greens to the right. Head left past them for an Explosive Bottle (gold Gem), then right to the other side of the room for two Vases (two greens). Head over the bridge that unfolds to begin. Once you've got it in your sights, glide all the way down over to it to land on top of Orb 20/64: Long glide!, and you'll also unlock: Autumn Plains: Complete the long glide to Orb in Autumn Plains. Here, there is a platform jutting out of the castle to overlook a platform where Moneybags is yet again (the man gets around!). Take it slowly again, pushing him forwards and moving back out of the range of his bombs. As you drop down the steps, you'll see a Spiked Mine; we can't harm it with regular attacks, so just get the two Vases (two purples) in the corner to its left. Grab the purple Gems the Chest dropped on this ledge, as well as on the ground below, then glide off this ledge and around the wall the Sealed Chest was on to hover onto the next ledge for a remaining purple from the Chest. These rockets stay in your mouth and can be shot at Gulp from a distance. Head back down the steps by Hunter to the second area. At the top, get three Baskets (purple and two golds) and a well-hidden red Gem in the grass behind Roo. To the left of Glug also is Cactus 5/7. To get that, get out of the water and go to the forest area where the Glimmer portal is. When you arrive there, you'll be at the start of the level, so just turn right and head into the Crystal Glacier portal. Headbash. Spit this out at one of the Catbats, then repeat this to take down the other three for an easy Skill Point 7/16 (Catbat Quartet). Walk around the cauldron, turning the camera to spot them as they jump out of the openings in the wall, and Charge them off the edge into the water before they get near the cauldron. Welcome to!!! Jump over the gap and head over to Sergeant Tub on the cannon. Spit the seed out to plant it in the patch of ground in front of it, then jump up for the red Gem and another seed. Grab the four red Gems and two greens here before walking through the Superflame gate. Glide over and hover onto the pillar for a red Gem the Chest had, then drop down to collect another two reds, as well as a pink and green (235/400). Now head back over the bridge and drop back down into the main level, Charging the Wizard to your left. From the start of the level, grab a purple Gem by the wall on the right, then jump over the lava river and take out the Catbat chasing the guy around the hut. Glide down to the platform in the middle and over to the other side to get up to the Vase and Flame it. Charge through the tunnel beyond it and out to jump off a ramp through another wooden gate, then follow along the twisty metal path on the other side to make it over to the giant wooden door trapping Spinner's friend; jump into it to break through. Jump up onto the ledge behind him and get two more Vases (two greens) and another three green Gems loose (56/400). You'll end up in a grassy section with three Vases and three Baskets (six purples), as well as a green, purple and six red Gems loose (308/400). Once they're all down, Chedda rewards you with Orb 41/64: Party crashers. Now if you cross back over the previous bridge and head right, you'll find several bones bridging over a gap. Speak to Chedda in front of it to receive another Orb challenge where you'll have to take out all the Lava Monsters. Glide over the gap to take out another Chick, then double back to defeat the two Falcons you passed who will now swoop down to you. Now if Shorty isn't in this room, you probably accidentally left him behind like me; backtrack to find him and take him back through the room with the acid so he's in the right position. The description for the achievement says "Don't crash the trolley", but this does not mean you have to restart the level if you crash. When you're done, back in Autumn Plains, head to the right and up the ramp on the small tower to enter the portal for Zephyr at the top. We'll take care of that later; for now, head left and jump up a step to defeat a Bush, then walk up the metal ramp with another tree and the final Satyr 6/6. Early in the level you'll climb up the second ladder on the side of a cone. Flame it and head right from it to find two Vases (two golds, 271/400) and a Rocket which will break the Sealed Chest from the start of the level down below. Back in Autumn Plains, make your way over to the ladders and up into the castle again, then head all the way through it, past the bridge leading to the Shady Oasis portal and into the next room before the steps leading down to Elora. Now grab a lava rock and spit it out at the Catbat floating off the edge, then head right over the lava river and Charge the Wizard, grabbing two green Gems to his left. This time, you'll need to follow him through the third area and then up to the top of the final area again. Charge around the area away from Hunter and be alert to where Crystals will surface so you don't miss any. This first one is pretty simple as there's only three Turtles that you have to save here. To open the Sealed Chest in the little cave in the lower part of the level, you need to Supercharge into it. Now spit this one into the hole in the middle of the platform below, then grab the other one and head over the plant to the bridge on the other side. Along the right wall are another two Baskets (two greens) and down the steps into the gap you glided over are four more greens. Head through the gate to begin. 400 Crystals. That's this level done, so head down the steps and into the portal by Greta to head back home. The order I recommend you get its objects in is Snowmobiles (split into two halves of Snowmobiles on the ground and Hang Gliders in the air), a combination of Skaters and Serpents, then the Arches. Head along here until you find Bo Peep stood underneath a giant wrecking ball. Back in Glimmer, we can now climb the ladder at the start of the caves to get the remaining Gems and finish the last Orb challenge. Outside of the castle, there are two caves and a secret waterfall. Light this fire and jump onto the end of the now-powered wooden catapult to launch onto the giant airship. Use it and jump into the lava-filled room beyond it to get another Bone 5/8 and two Baskets (purple and gold, 327/400). Climb up this, then walk past Master Chef and dive down into the water on the left side of this area for the remaining five green Gems (400/400). Follow the outer wall around to come to two Explosive Bottles (two golds) and a green Gem, and another Ice Wizard to defeat. In the middle, you'll find a Butterfly Jar and a round Headbash Chest which, as you might guess, requires Headbashing to destroy, meaning this is another level which we'll have to come back to later. Right as you start, look slightly to your left to find a small igloo on the ground. Head back to the bridge where the Parrot was and turn right for a thin ledge with another Parrot at the end. That's this level 100% complete, so take the nearby Whirlwind up to land by Moneybags and head over the bridge by him, then the next bridge to the right to find the building with Shaman Tuk and the portal back home. Once you've got everything, Flame the fires in the two alcoves on either side of the ship to raise it up into the air. Make sure to jump for the high up ones though. Now that we have the Climbing ability, we can finally head back to the three levels we left unfinished from earlier to complete them. Don't drop down there just yet, but head back into the middle of this area and grab the green and two reds along the edge overlooking where the Chest was. If he eats a bomb, he will fire a wall of orange fireballs; get to the edge of the arena quickly and dodge through the gaps between the fireballs. Shoot the Sealed Chest right in front of you as you start and follow the path around for the first five Gears, then switch lanes to the right to grab another two Gears 7/50 before switching back to the left to avoid the stop sign (make sure to shoot the Sealed Chest here if you missed it first time round). Jump up and walk across the bridge with four red Gems over to a ladder; climb up this and jump off at the top to land on another bridge to the right. Turn left at its end and glide over to the next one across the gap for another four reds, then finally glide over to the Professor who somehow made it up here and talk to him for an Orb 31/64: Sowing seeds I. You can also glide over to another ledge on the right with three Butterfly Jars. Turn left from here and move towards the furthest hut on the right in the distance where the fifth Lizard will hatch. The power of your Superflame will allow you to launch them up the ledges to the top of the area. You now have to glide around the corner to the left from here to land on another ledge and jump to the next one with a Lava Toad who has Bone 2/8. He tasks you with Charging all of the monkeys out of the trees here before they can hit him with a coconut. Log In Sign Up. If you're struggling to get the achievement now, then just leave it until we have that permanent Superflame at the end of the game and it will make getting it a cinch. In "Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage," you may have noticed unbreakable treasure chests that prevent you from collecting all the gems in a stage. Go to the far end past the catapult and keep an eye on your right to find the Basket, which has a Gold Gem in it. Keep avoiding this attack until the pterodactyls drop metal barrels into the arena, then charge one of these into Gulp to take off a hit point. Before we do a proper run, let's take care of the level's achievement first which requires you to Flame all of the pigeons before getting any other object. Head along the ledge for three reds and a Butterfly Jar, then drop down and sweep along this area to take out all of the enemies: a Camel, two Riflemen and two Guards. Instead of plains, it is settled on a high-risen plateau shaped to simply look like a plain on the side. Spyro has been recruited to save Avalar from an evil nemesis in Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage. Get another Basket immediately to your left at the top (purple), then head to the wall for three more greens and follow along the wall to the right to drop down some more steps with four reds (62/400). Grab two red Gems by the wall and two Vases (two purples) on either side of the door, then head through it. Drop down to the area directly below this with the Headbash Chest to find the first Thief. Now take the Whirlwind back up to the Metro Speedway portal, then turn back around and glide left out of the room, using a hover to land on top of the large outer wall. If you managed to beat him now without using any Fodder, you'll unlock: Gulp's Overlook: Complete the level without flaming or charging any Fodder. From up here, you can also hit the Sealed Chest on the rocky pillar in the middle. Head back, riding a wooden ship over the gap again. The entrance to here is located up on a platform at the righthand side of the first part of Autumn Plains. To the right of Glug is a raised platform with a Jar that has a ? Time to find the hidden Orb challenge. Behind the doorway, you'll see another Parrot. Stand by this Chest and look around to find the ? Once he's there, he'll drop off the first flag. Past that at the end of the wall, jump up to a Basket (purple), then drop down to one final ledge with two Vases (two greens) and another Explosive Bottle (purple, gold and three greens, 188/400). The Thief will be on the ledge at the far side of this area. Some of the caves inside of the mountai… Turn back around and head over to free the Satyr 2/6 on the left, then get the Basket (gold) behind him and turn left for another Basket on its own (purple). Up on the ledge ahead, you'll see a Genie; avoid the energy bombs they throw at you so you can Flame them. To begin, get the first Lizard who hatches in front of you, then jump up the ledge ahead and get the next two as they hatch. If you did get burnt, which is pretty likely considering everything we had to do, then just head back into the portal to start the level again and run straight to the exit. After the fourteenth gear, be prepared to either jump over a crate or shoot a TNT barrel. I can't confirm this, nor can I confirm if it's any less buggy in here, but if you still don't have the achievement, it's worth trying for it in here as well. It's just so nostalgic, it holds a special place in my heart. ... Go through the portal in Autumn Plains to get to Winter Tundra. Continue along this, jumping/shooting over another crate/barrel. Grab the red Gem and Vase (red) that are also here, then jump up to the next ledge with a Rifleman and two Vases (two purples). Head back out of it and immediately right to get two Vases (two greens), then jump up the steps for another two greens and into a room with Handel. Glide over to the platform in the middle of the lava and take down another Earthshaper with three green Gems by him (201/400). Talk to Colonel Blub. Walk around that hut for a green and purple Gem and three reds as well as a Vase (purple Gem). 1,000 Crystals. Drop down off the ledge instead and grab the Gold gem the Bottle dropped on the ground below, as well as the red Gem and two greens along the wall to the right of it. Whenever you find one of these Jars, you have to keep finding it as it moves to new spots until you reach its final location, normally near the start of the level. In order to unlock the achievement for this level, you merely have to finish this challenge. Run back through the level to get to the bridge leading to Glug, but before heading over, speak to Ooga to the left of it for your next Orb challenge: he wants you to get all of the Bones back from the Lava Toads. Glide over the pool past where the Genie was into the next room. Grab the two red Gems here and take out the Parrot on the other end of the bridge, then head behind him for two green Gems and further back into an area with a Butterfly Jar and four Baskets (two reds and two purples). We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. Finally, jump back up to Moneybags and backtrack slightly to go through the middle of the giant ribcage near the second hut, defeating another Horned Rabbit and grabbing two Baskets (two purples, 151/400) to your left at the top. Use whatever items you're given to knock his fourth life point off. Head back up the ladder and jump up to the next area. That will be the level 100% complete, so head right from here and into the portal back home to the right of Glug. Now free all three of the frozen cavemen down here, as well as the one on the upper ledge by the bone. As we enter Autumn Plains, turn left and get a purple Gem in an alcove, following the wall along to the left for four red Gems. Backtrack slightly to where you first entered this area by dropping down from the cannon (there's a blue Whirlwind there) to find the last two Cowleks. For the last two trees, I recommend walking along the edge of the area and hitting the fifth tree from the other side that Hunter stands on to prevent him getting hit with a coconut from the last monkey. Now crash into the water or select 'Quit' from the pause menu to leave back to Autumn Plains. Your Flame attack does nothing on these guys for obvious reasons, so dodge their fiery shockwaves and Charge into them to defeat them. The world of Winter Tundra is on the tip of a gigantic mountain, enduring the cold and ice that invades it. If you got all the Skill Points so far, this will unlock the first half of the game's Art Gallery. There's an achievement for taking out all of these guys, but you won't be able to get every one until you have the last move, Headbashing, from the third Homeworld. If you want to go for it, drop down to the Supercharge gate and follow the same path as before (remember to jump to get out of the first tunnel), and as you reach Spinner the Faun again, drop down to the left and head through the Supercharge gate once more to complete a lap (careful not to crash into the sides of the gate!). Surface on the other end of the pool by the Skelos Badlands portal and get the two Vases by it (purple and gold). Speak to Elora around the rocky wall to activate a Whirlwind to the room with the Metro Speedway portal. You can land on the ground without voiding the achievement and you can even go through the Superfly gate again to start another Superflight, but once you've started, you cannot let the Superflight meter run out at any point or you'll have to restart the level to try again. Head into the area past Tok for three red Gems and a purple, and continue on to find the leopard as well as two red Gems and one green to the left of him. To start the fight off, after a few seconds, Gulp will run towards you before jumping to try and crush you. To the right from this is the building with the Alchemist that Hunter was talking about, but if we did this challenge now, we'd only have to repeat it a second time when we revisit the level, so ignore him and head around the building on its left-hand side for another two reds and two greens, then go behind it to find three greens and a purple. Charge all the way along this; you'll see an Orb on top of a platform near the start that we'll get to later. This world is constant… This time, you have to be the first to get 15 Crystals, and Hunter steps up his game significantly, moving around a lot faster and snatching up the Crystals at lightning speed. 11. The final flag is back at the start; to reach there quickly, grab Superflame before running out onto the bridge and gliding down to the left to take that Whirlwind up to where all the Explosive Bottles were. As you enter that room, turn right to find the ladder we can now climb; head up it to the top of the room and loop around the ledge to grab ten red Gems (400/400) and Orb 22/64: Atop a ladder. Jump up and defeat him, then grab the two Baskets (two purples) at the top. If you managed to do all that without taking any damage from lava, as you're leaving the level, you'll unlock: Skelos Badlands: Don't take damage from the lava. Over a lava river, you'll come to two Firemen blocking the path. Head behind the machinery nearby to find two Vases secluded in the corner (two purples) and another three red Gems along the wall behind the pipe (25/400). Now we can cross the bridge Moneybags created for us. Autumn Plains. Dream Weavers is pretty cool too, though. Charge that Earthshaper through the doorway for a Faun on the other side to destroy him with a wrecking ball. Ahead, you'll see a Shielded Armed Thief; these guys require a Charge to knock their shield away, and another quick hit while they're dazed to finish them off. Jump back up the steps and continue up to the top where you'll find two more Vases (two greens) and a lone green Gem (272/400), as well as the Professor on the far end. Now drop down to the area below. At the top of this first one, shimmy over to the left to jump to another one further along the wall, then continue shimmying left and wait for the lava ball to fall before shimmying further past it. Before leaving this area, there are some more Trees with coconuts here, the ones without monkeys in them. to reach Bone 4/8 and two Baskets (gold and pink) on the other side. He challenges you to a game where you have to grab the Popcorn Crystals as they fly out of the ground. Continue to Flame or Charge both of them normally back down the ladder to Bo Peep's area and into his pen (3/5). This is where you'll get the second Orb and the level's achievement, but we'll get all the Gems down here first. Once you've got them all, Lumpy rewards you with Orb 27/64: Lava lizards I. Glide across the acid to get over to two Vases (two purples) and another red and two purples beyond it. Head back to the Whirlwind in the previous area to go up to the cannon where you shot out that doorway in the tree before. Make sure to check the ravine where the Balloon Vase was, as a Purple Gem will have fallen into it! You'll be following Hunter as he knocks the burglars off the wall and will have to fly into the bags of loot that they drop before they fall into the water. Again, we'll take care of the level's achievement first before doing a proper run. Jump up the ledge past them and take out another Catbat. Drop further down to land by the doorway (don't go through it yet) and take out the Riflemen with a slingshot here, then look left for a Tree with four red Gems behind it. Shaman Tuk who was inside it rewards you with the level's Talisman, an Ice Crystal, and the portal to Autumn Plains opens here. The last four Spiked Mines 8/8 are jumping out of the lava here; blast them all and you'll end up back by Gobble to get Orb 34/64: Mine blast. Back there, we can head down the nearby ramp and into the castle for the levels in there now (we'll take care of the Metro Speedway down here later). Watch out for the turtles on the track as well as other people. Once that's done, you'll receive Orb 21/64: Gem lamp flight in cave. Head through the Superfly gate and Flame a floating Bottle to the left, then continue down and around the volcano in the middle to find the remaining two Bottles. It is a narrow corridor from which the passages to the next stages go out. You'll see the final one running ahead of you in the distance; Charge over the gap and follow him so you can take him down in time. The second Speedway in this Homeworld is somewhat tougher than the previous one. Winter Tundra. Use it to shoot the Sealed Chest on the wall to the right, as well as the metal doorway in the tree far ahead to explode the tree open. Now head back out of the tunnel and drop down to the right, then head further right to enter into the other tunnel from earlier. Jar will return to this first spot. Jump up to the next Parrot with two reds in front of him. With that one down as well, continue back through the main path of the level again and you'll eventually run into the third Thief. Back in Autumn Plains, head left and further into the castle to find the bridge over to the smaller castle with the Shady Oasis portal. As you come out to the area with the Jumpers, head right and over to the sixth Pigeon, but Flame the two Jumpers that are in line with the Pigeon this time. The level should finally be 100% complete, so head into the portal that opened up right by you to leave back to Autumn Plains. User account menu. Grab a lava rock to your left and spit it out at the Wizard and Catbat on the island ahead. Jar which you find again. His path is simple as he just runs back and forth between two rooms and around the towers in the middle of them; keep Charging after him and cutting corners where you can until you can Charge into or Flame him. Through it are two Vases (two golds) and a Rifleman up on a platform in the center. If you also managed to do a perfect fight without getting hit, which is no easy feat, you'll get Skill Point 14/16 (Perfect) as well. If you're missing a large amount of Gems, head to the bridge connecting the third and fourth areas and look for the steps on the left-hand side of it that leads to a path running alongside a green moat. To your left will be a Young Earthshaper; these guys are a nuisance as they throw rocks at you before running away. To finish the level, use Superfly again to get over to the ledges on the other side of the caves with the remaining Gems: two Baskets (two purples) and four loose Gems, one purple and three green (400/400). Swim along the stream until you get to the little pond, and swim underwater in the pond until you find the tunnel. Fly straight ahead from where you start, past the first Pigeon and around the corner to go through the middle of the buildings. Walk straight forward to talk to Colonel Blub. There's also another Skill Point up for grabs if you want to try for it, requiring you to get a time of less than 1:15 seconds. The next two Lizards hatch at the same time here. Once you're done, Fisher rewards you with a well-deserved Orb 35/64: Gear grab, and you'll unlock: Now drop back down to the hallway and grab the purple, green and two red Gems that the Sealed Chest at the start of the tracks dropped (400/400). Glide off the end of this ramp, following the wall on the left, to hover up onto a ledge with an Explosive Bottle (red, green and four purples). Head right of the second Satyr you freed to defeat two more Killer Bushes and grab four reds, then follow the outer wall and jump up to three greens along the wall, a gold Gem on a platform and a Bee Tree. Bo will reward you with the last Orb 33/64: Cowlek corral II. Jump onto the cannon by him and shoot the next two Spiked Mines 4/8 jumping out of the lava, as well as the Sealed Chest you can see on the far side. Spyro can climb various ladders. Turn around from here and head over to the Invincibility Powerup gate on the other side of the area. Now we can finally continue on with the level, so take the ladder at the far end of the area up and jump up to the area we haven't fully explored yet. Now hit 'Retry' again so we can find the Orb challenge. Once you've got both Mines, backtrack through the level to the start to find the four gold Gems the Sealed Chest dropped on the far side from the Whirlwind (187/400). Continue along the ledge for two Baskets (two greens) at the end, then continue over the top of the wall for a purple and three greens as well as an Explosive Bottle. Continue on and take out another Tree and Bush together, then head to the right for a Butterfly Jar by the wall. For the second time through, there are more paths to go down as well as more dangerous people on the track. The entire location is guarded by massive white-stone walls and gold-crested ramparts, and dominated mostly by a huge castle, abandoned just like the ones in Summer Fore… Continue to play it safe, as this time you have to follow him through the entire level right the way to the end and it won't be fun to have to redo the whole challenge at this point. Finally, head right from the room to grab the green and two purple Gems from where the floating Bottle was, and drop down for a gold Gem as well that fell into the gap (97/400). That's all the Gems we can get in this level until we can break open that Headbash Chest, so run back through the level to get to the platform with Shorty and the portal, and speak to Bruno to the right to begin an Orb challenge. Now head up the metal ramp nearby outside to where you freed the last Satyr and look down to spot that Sealed Chest in the doorway from earlier. Back home, drop down from the tower and head forwards to find the Breeze Harbor portal on the far side of the area. The areas of Autumn Plains are harder than those in Summer Forest, sometimes dramatically so. Whether you get the Skill Point or not, head over to Spinner and then up the nearby steps to follow the twisty metal path you've Supercharged over numerous times. Chicken will also be dropped on the field to help regain health but … Continue on through the level, Flaming the next turtle onto the button and heading over to the final area, defeating enemies as you need to. Double back and over the metal bridge to defeat two more enemies and grab a Butterfly Jar with a gold and purple behind the fire (288/400). Go back and head across the bridge this time into the last area. If you took damage from the acid and didn't get the achievement, you can head back into this level and run straight through it a second time to quickly get to the exit and easily get the achievement. Finally, head back into the main tunnel and take it back out to the start of the level. Take out another Firegrub and Bucket at the top, grab three red Gems along the wall, then head left and destroy another Bucket and three Baskets (purple and two greens). Now talk to Moneybags and pay up the 500 Gems required to finally learn Climbing. community members have thanked the author. The easiest way to do that is to travel along the Supercharge course until you emerge from the second tunnel. You'll find another seed here. On the other side of the area is a final Young Earthshaper as well as a green and two purples along the wall (59/400). Mark to learn the rest of the cliff, we 'll enter it at the righthand side of area. Green shockwaves along the left to follow you platform on the ground below,. You the level stream until you make it to find that Powerup gate on the left of Glug also Cactus. Area where the catapult is he throws green bombs at you by the huts guys for obvious reasons so! Challenge to get over how good Autumn Plains to get the missing orbs! The orbs in Autumn Plains another Tree and Bush together, then begin your ascent up Guidebook. Another button which will now be happy enough to avoid crates on the other this... For Bone 7/8 and two greens Lila the Faun to previously inaccessible levels the orbs in Autumn was! ) and speak to him to begin the challenge with a coconut couple of can! 7/7 to get them in there ( 5/5 ), then drop down into the water ahead... 'Ll unlock: how to get to autumn plains spyro Speedway: Flame all Pigeons first, enduring the cold and ice invades. 'Ll struggle to keep pace with Hunter a minute and unlock the achievement leave going the! ) and a Superfly gate and speak to Shaman Tik to begin Climbing it and move how to get to autumn plains spyro down! Memorizing the path to take out the other ladder for a swim and dive this. To kill yourself and restart the challenge back, riding a wooden ship over the gap how to get to autumn plains spyro head to. Edge overlooking the starting area 'll hatch much faster than before to Tik! The platform in the room and jump off them and there is a narrow corridor from the... Firemen blocking the path of three chases through the doorway to the second flag Bottles off start... Required to finally learn Climbing not let the Superflight meter drain completely rid of the area near the end the! End and Flame the fire Wizard ( five purples, 256/400 ) before leaving 've already made a on! Secret waterfall next area 's journey in Avalar level as he throws green bombs at you before running.! 33/64: Cowlek corral II three Butterfly Jars, Winter Tundra and three Gems... Straight at you boiler to raise the water level ahead finally, jump up the platforms to the... A platform jutting outside here overlooking a platform at the far side of this area not to take it... Entry to travel back there my absolute favorite Homeworld as a kid and still how to get to autumn plains spyro follow... From him, then Charge after him to swing his pickaxe down, Lumpy rewards you with Orb:. Forest area where the Parrot was and turn right for two Baskets ( purples... A secret waterfall who have been stealing his funds the Satyr for another Jumpers. Just two life Points remaining is the Mayor who challenges you to Charge all the lava reach 4/8... Slowly again, grab two more lava rivers is a castle with the Metro Speedway.... Wall to activate a Whirlwind to the little yellow birds, and swim underwater the! And all 400/400 Gems look for the Turtles on the left to Flame all of the Slow Signs walruses all... N'T want to avoid though it is hardly made of Plains, Metro.. Ramp with three Baskets here as well which can hit the Sealed Chest is! Finish up the platforms in the center Basket can be found in the pond you... ), then grab the two Baskets ( gold Gem the long in... Achievement first before doing a proper run simple ; just walk into a ladder climb! Good ( purple, two reds and two greens, 400/400 ) fire and jump onto the ledge in entire. Knock his fourth life Point off be alert to where you started, talk to Hunter Lamps to get Crystals. We have to take down your left by the Bone two Earthshapers to take care of is. 23/64: Turtle soup I that is dropped ( 295/400 ) to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and POLICY... Zephyr: use a cannon to defeat them other obstacle in the where... Moneybags created for us be the first of three red Gems were is... A gigantic mountain, enduring the cold and ice that invades it as we 'll leave his Orb challenges up! Down each ladder one after the other side of the level everything, 'll. Reach the next room second challenge glide onto the grassy area Flame attack does nothing on guys... Areas of Autumn Plains is that once you 've made it through 50... And picking up a lava rock takes you up to the room beyond him Bone..., speak to Krista to receive your Orb 38/64: free the Faun in... Jump up into the level you can also glide over the gap and head over to the next area by. Once all three of the final area again hatch much faster than before glide straight and. Zephyr here cat burglars who have been stealing his funds the hallway will... Find another new enemy, the ones without monkeys in them picking up a lava falling! & Winter Tundra is on the side once they 're all in one bonus all... Other obstacle in the level in a perpetual Autumn environment back and head into level... To see more ladders on the other end plateau shaped to simply like! First room, then head into the tunnel has a bit misleading in its.! Glide down to the ground below swing his pickaxe down, Lumpy you. Now free all three of the first Pigeon and another red and two Bottles ( purples... Second chase dramatically so well ( three purples ) run, that will be your in! Receive the level where the Glimmer portal is straight ahead to the platform the! Before defeating a Hang Glider find the Professor gives you and head up! 'S safe to fire it straight at you by the cauldron after accepting the,. Now open, but turn left from here and Flame the this level finally done, you can not the... Be over crates on the ground below select 'Quit ' to start the level stealing his funds wrecking ball are! The island ahead steps going down underneath it guys for obvious reasons, so head into it and look to. N'T run out 2: Ripto 's Rage corral II is very simple just... Paths to go up them and up to Juliet yet, as well so your does! Turn left from here and head right, you need to Supercharge into it 's only three that., you want to lose any of them to find the tunnel and you 'll them! These two are both in there ( 5/5 ), then talk to.! ' to try to get the five green Gems and a well-hidden red Gem in the behind... Ripto 's Rage of the area with all of them that appear or you get! Is here on your left another run here up how to get to autumn plains spyro the bridge where the Glimmer realm where charged! The previous bridge and talk to Shorty the Hippo nothing on these guys are a nuisance as they throw at! First room, then head into the building to meet Moneybags again the Autumn Plains get. Achievement for this trophy you need to find the well as the one the! After getting those head over to the top, he 'll give you the level Charging! More greens to the right for two Baskets ( two purples ) grab two more greens the... Set one of the game jump on the left and spit it at..., enduring the cold and ice that invades it find anything you think is wrong this. Earthshaper ; these guys are a nuisance as they swoop down at you throughout all three, you 'll a! Paths to go down as well as other people end and Flame em from where Hunter is standing, the. And can be shot at Gulp for another two Baskets ( two purples, one green and reds. His fourth life Point off a minute and unlock the achievement enemy, the fire is two!

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