Doing it Right – Circle F Horse Rescue Society

Doing it Right - Circle F Horse Rescue Society

At Circle F, ‘F’ stands for Freedom – freedom from abuse, freedom from neglect, and the freedom to have a good, caring, and nurturing home.

Founded in 1997, Circle F Horse Rescue Society is a registered charitable organization that provides medical care, feeding, housing and all-around love to abandoned and/or abused horses.

As an alternative to slaughter, auction, and/or abandonment, Circle F takes in horses in need of a home, and offers a beautiful refuge for them in the mountains of Abbotsford, British Columbia. The majority of horses that come to Circle F are due to an owner’s inability to continue to successfully care for them, but sometimes there are some real emergencies; three such animals are Storm, Thunder, and a Shetland pony named Spike, who were part of an SPCA animal cruelty seizure in 2011.

The facility (with a three-sided walk-in shelter and stalls, a modest riding and exercise area as well as a round pen, 2 pastures and access to trails) is surrounded by astounding mountain vistas and lush green farmer’s fields, and gives the horses at Circle F a restful and peaceful place to heal both physically and emotionally, before being entered into their successful adoption program. Each horse that is adopted is out remains a member of the Circle F family through follow-up visits and assistance of Circle F volunteers who ensure a smooth transition into a pre-screened and loving adoptive home.

Circle F is wholly volunteer-based, with several specialized teams that focus on each part of a horse’s recovery, from health care to physical conditioning, initial assessments, exercise, facility care, as well as the myriad of administrative functions that keep it running. The Board of Directors that oversees the facility is manned by people who volunteer there, ensuring that the care of the horses is priority number one.

Costing roughly $300 a month (barring any major medical emergencies) to house, feed, and care for a horse, Circle F relies mostly on the goodness of people’s hearts to meet their care costs, with 100% of all donations go directly to the daily care and feeding of each horse. In addition to accepting one-time donations, Circle F also offers the opportunity to sponsor a horse for a pre-determined amount, during which the sponsor will receive updates on the horse’s health and recovery progress. Circle F holds a few fundraising events every year, such as the Circle F Annual Poker Ride & Walk, and endeavours to have smaller fundraisers throughout the year. Click here for more information on current and past events.

Circle F is doing a wonderful job with the horses that come to them, and it is of the utmost importance that these horses do not leave the facility until a suitable forever home is found for them. Though the reason for their existence is a distinctly human failing, let’s help them keep doing the exceedingly important work they do.

For more information on how to help this operation keep doing what they do, please visit their How To Help page. Donations can also be made at the Support Circle F Horse Rescue page, and at Charity Car.

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  1. Wow. It’s places like this that amaze me. It would be so rewarding to work with a damaged horse and then see it recover and go to a loving home. Inspiring!


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