Divine: The Series – Episode 1 – Divine

Divine: The Series – Episode 1 – Divine

I. AM. IN.

I didn’t hear a thing about this project by Ivan Hayden, Kirk Jaques, Jason Fischer, and Misha Collins. I am extremely thankful that I caught wind of it before it premiered.

Written by Ivan Hayden and Kirk Jaques, Divine deals in crises of faith and belief in the telling of a true miracle.

Father Christopher (Misha Collins) answers a knock on the door, to find Divine (Dan Payne) and his “handler” Jin (Christy Ballesteros) at the door, with Divine hanging on Jin, bleeding profusely. Jin demands to see Deacon Jim (Allen Sawkins), who soon comes to the door. What follows is sort of ritual to resurrect Divine and heal his wounds. Exactly that happens, and Father Chris is stunned. He falls asleep watching over the prone figure of Divine, and awakens to Divine leaving the room. Father Chris rises to follow, and Deacon Jim stops him.

Like I said, first episode was only 12 minutes.

It’s early days, but – I like it. It’s incredibly difficult, not to mention exceedingly unfair, to judge anything or voice a strong opinion after only 12 minutes. Lets get into it for a few weeks and see, but I have no doubt of its impending popularity as a web series.

One thing is certain – Misha Collins. Never. Disappoints.

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