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If you have an article or article idea you would like to contribute to DNM Magazine and have your name in lights, please see the guidelines below and decide accordingly. Requests made over social media for information on contributing  will be directed here. Ask again over social media, you will be rejected outright. Sorry – that’s just how we roll. Social media is for just that – socializing. You want to talk turkey, do it privately.

Written Contribution Guidelines

1. DNM will outright reject any article that attacks any person for who they are. Judge their actions, their clothes, their words, their cars, their music/art/books/opinions, but personal attacks will not be tolerated.

2. DNM will outright reject any article submitted that contains spelling or grammatical errors. We’re all writers, not editors. Edit your work and be grammatically correct, and you’ll get a fancy byline. And by fancy we mean in really small print.

3. Know your audience. If you want to write about how much you love Justin Beiber, go hit up Tiger Beat (that’s still a magazine, right?).

Photographic Contribution Guidelines

1. Pornography will not be published. Child pornography will be reported to the authorities right along with your name and email address.

That’s pretty much it. No problem, right? We want you to contribute, so we don’t want to stop you at the gate. Do it right, do it well, and you’ll be here.

If you still want to contribute even after we tried to scare you away with all our rules, send us an email at write@dnmmagazine.com

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