Tailgate32: Family, Food, and Football

by Jennifer Pitt No matter what your poison is, if you are a sports fan you can bet on riding the highs and hanging on through the lows. As for not feeling the pain or sharing the joy alone, no one does it better than football tailgaters. According to the American Tailgaters Association (I know!!!), the first ever ‘tailgate’ party was during the Civil War, and had nothing at all to do

High Heels and High Scores: What Sports Mean To Me

By Stacey Gillard I like sports. It’s as simple as that. My summer evenings are incomplete if I’m not watching home runs fly over the fences at the Rogers Centre (or not, as the case may be – sorry Blue Jays). My Sundays during the winter consist of me flipping from football game to football game from 10am to 8pm. Spring evenings see me dashing home from the office to