Waitomo Caves: Underground Constellations

I am very much of the opinion that humans should never be subjected to the horrors of either small spaces or being under water. So when I was invited to experience black water rafting in the Waitomo Caves of the North Island of New Zealand, I politely declined. But wouldn’t you know, all my friends said yes; of course I had to follow suit. The sprawling limestone cave formations are

Colombia: The Only Risk is Wanting to Stay

Let’s not sugar coat it, Colombia gets a bad rap. Understandably so, given its violent past. But having spent a week there recently I can fully appreciate this country’s government’s desire to fling wide its borders and welcome tourists with open arms. From the lofty altitudes of Bogota, with its vibrant nightlife and cobbled Colonial streets, to the Caribbean shores and Spanish fortresses of Cartagena, Colombia can please any taste.