Sexy & I (Am Trying To) Know It

By Jennifer Pitt Dear Friends, Let’s be honest from the get-go…this letter is not for all of you. It’s not for my friends who have kids. Ok, let’s be honest again – it DOES include my friends who have newborns. Because y’all will feel the sentiment more acutely. It’s an advance apology letter. An apology for what I have done to you, and will continue to do for years to

Reality TV - The Death of Us All

I laughed and laughed at my poor parents when I was young (13-16) because they told us all that MTV was ruining our lives. It wasn’t. It was music videos to giggle about, interviews with musicians we swooned over in all the teen magazines. It was a connection to celebrity that was the most we would ever have, because none of US would ever get backstage anywhere. That’s how it