The Supernatural Phenomenon - A Peek Into The Fandom

* Research assistance provided by Charlotte Kinzie. Wouldn’t have happened without you!! Some things only mean something to a certain group of people: gank, Kansas, Metallicar…beliebing (seriously, what is that??). This article is dedicated to the people who squeal at the first three. The Supernatural fandom is a huge group of rabidly passionate and fiercely loyal fans who will go to any lengths to hit up conventions, talk to Supernatural’s

Brian Buckley Band – “Hysterical Blindness”

I take a lot of flak from certain people over the Brian Buckley band.  Let me explain. The first time I listened to their music it was on YouTube.  The sound was really crappy, the crowd was loud and I made a snap judgment.  Unfortunately, I told people I didn’t like them. I have this friend.  He has pretty good taste; he tells it like it is, he’s pretty assertive.