Steve Carlson to Perform at UK Festival One More Shot

By Jennifer Pitt UK Events BJWK is pleased to announce that award-winning musician Steve Carlson will be appearing at their inaugural charity music festival, One More Shot. This weekend festival takes place 1st-3rd November 2013 at the Hilton Hotel, Birmingham, England and will raise money for two charities – Breast Cancer Campaign and CRY UK (Cardiac Risk in the Young) Also joining Steve Carlson on the bill are The Life of Riley,

Different Town: A Chat With Steve Carlson

Steve Carlson is preparing to give his fans a unique behind the scenes experience with the soon-to-be-released documentary about recording his album, Different Town. Just as his songs take us on a musical journey, this movie will show the lengths he went to in producing his latest offering. DNM recently had a chance to talk to Steve about this exciting project, as well as his career to date. DNM Magazine: Your

Steve Carlson: Different Town - A Kickstarter Campaign

Even if you don’t know the back story to Steve Carlson’s latest album, Different Town, you’ll immediately recognize that the music is coming from a unique place, literally. Recorded in 11 cities around the world, the overall feel of the album is very different from Carlson’s previous offerings. While the lyrics on many of the songs speak of loneliness, loss, and social issues there’s also a feeling of hope in them.

Steve Carlson: Sharing the Covers

Steve Carlson has a voice that transcends genres, bridging the gap between country, blues, and rock, so a cover album with an eclectic mix seems like a perfect match for his sound. And that’s exactly what he offers with his latest album, Sharing the Covers. Carlson puts his unique spin on a variety of songs, often with surprising results! Carlson’s take on the 1973 Slade classic rock hit “Come On

New Music Video: Brian Buckley "Keeps It Simple"

This week, Friday is more than just the end of the work week.  Friday is the day that the Brian Buckley Band launches the video for their song “I Am Human.” Fans of the band have been waiting for the video since it was announced on twitter.  Fans of “Supernatural” have been waiting for the video since Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester) took to twitter to tell followers he was going

Gordie Johnson’s Psychedelic Stampede Breakfast Performance

Attending a Calgary Stampede Breakfast can sometimes mean long lines in order to eat a cold, puck-like pancake substance at a table full of strangers. This year however, Heritage Music and Poster Shop’s Psychedelic Stampede Breakfast had much more to offer: Cereal in a vinyl bowl, cupcakes, and a solo performance from Big Sugar/Grady’s Gordie Johnson! Following an energetic opening performance by Calgary’s James Dangerous & the CIA, attendees at

Meredith Shaw, in a Place Called Happy

I wasn’t prepared for how much I would enjoy this show. It is difficult to describe the voice and sound of Meredith Shaw. To come up with comparisons would not do her justice; every possible comparison I come up with leaves something out. Meredith has a sound and a vibe that I could only recreate in a Petrie dish with the DNA of every artist I like, and that wouldn’t

NXNE 2012 – 780 bands, 7 Days, 40 Films – June 11-17, 2012, Toronto

Touted as Canada’s largest music festival, the North by Northeast Music & Film Festival & Conference is so much more than just music. Turning 18 years old this year, NXNE  is the place to go for new and established musicians, filmmakers, and all manner of digital technology entrepreneurs. Music, film, digital innovation, contests, comedy shows, screenings, parties and more! Seven days of non-stop rock & roll and film action, across one amazing