Different Town: A Chat With Steve Carlson

Steve Carlson is preparing to give his fans a unique behind the scenes experience with the soon-to-be-released documentary about recording his album, Different Town. Just as his songs take us on a musical journey, this movie will show the lengths he went to in producing his latest offering. DNM recently had a chance to talk to Steve about this exciting project, as well as his career to date. DNM Magazine: Your

Steve Carlson: Different Town - A Kickstarter Campaign

Even if you don’t know the back story to Steve Carlson’s latest album, Different Town, you’ll immediately recognize that the music is coming from a unique place, literally. Recorded in 11 cities around the world, the overall feel of the album is very different from Carlson’s previous offerings. While the lyrics on many of the songs speak of loneliness, loss, and social issues there’s also a feeling of hope in them.

Space Milkshake - We're Ducked!

It’s the 22nd century, and increased space traffic around Earth has caused a large amount of space debris in orbit around the planet which needs to be cleared up. Enter Anton, captain of the Orbital Sanitation Station Regina whose mission is to dispose of the space garbage in a timely and efficient manner. Portrayed brilliantly by Billy Boyd (LOTR trilogy), Anton is power-hungry and demanding of his crew, but really

Stuntmen, The Unsung Heroes - An Interview With Chris Webb Pt 3

In the 3rd and final part of our sit-down chat, Chris Webb talks a little about his interests beyond his work. DNM: So moving away a little bit from stunt work. You mentioned you’d done some travelling after school. Do you do extreme sports when you are travelling? CW: On that particular trip (after I finished school), that wasn’t my motivation. I mean I am a surfer and I did want to go

Stuntmen, The Unsung Heroes - An Interview With Chris Webb Pt 2

DNM recently got the chance to talk with stuntman Chris Webb. In part 2 of our interview we talk about some of the work he’s done on popular TV shows and movies. DNM: Do you have a favourite project, or specific favourite projects that you’ve worked on? CW: This last one that we were just working on – for me it was just a blast: I was hanging out of

Stuntmen, The Unsung Heroes - An Interview With Chris Webb Pt 1

With more than 50 film and TV credits to his name, he’s appeared in some of the biggest blockbusters of the last 15 years as well as being in over 100 episodes of the hit TV show Smallville. But, if he’s doing his job properly, you don’t even know he’s been on your screen. DNM recently had the opportunity to sit down with respected stunt performer Chris Webb to find

Matt taking photos with fans at the Karaoke Night || ©CKinzie

One of the things I always look forward to at “Supernatural” conventions is speaking with Matt Cohen. He was great on “Supernatural” as Young John Winchester but beyond that; he is a really great guy. Matt always seems to be the one who takes a moment to say “hi” to a fan who looks shy. During karaoke, he’s always quick to jump in and help if someone looks a little

Hard Crime, starring Matt Cohen, Gabriel Tigerman, & Richard Speight, Jr.

Hard Crime Written & directed by Lee Ehlers Starring Matt Cohen, Gabriel Tigerman, Richard Speight, Jr., Mandy Musgrave, & Kathryn Fiore Hard Crime is the grizzled tale of Detective Vick Hammer (Matt Cohen), the world’s toughest cop, as he and his wet-behind-the-ears rookie (Gabe Tigerman) race to stop a maniacal genius (Richard Speight Jr) from taking over the world. Help them get it made by donating to the Hard Crime Kickstarter campaign today!!!

The Dark Knight Rises - When You're a Jet, You're a Jet

This article contains mild character spoilers, and a few vague story spoilers. LOVED IT. I haven’t really been into superhero movies, until The Dark Knight came out. Then along came Iron Man, and I was hooked. I mean, I liked The Hulk – the Ed Norton Hulk (sorry, Lou Ferrigno & Eric Bana), but capital-H hated The Watchmen. So it turns out I may be a bit of a superhero