Like a brick....wall

by Jennifer Pitt   So we all know I had a baby. A late baby – I was 37 when I had her. We waited a long time for her egg to get it’s shit together and live past 9 weeks….and god help us, she did. I was terrified when I found out it was a girl. I was so certain that the universe owed me one and it was

Sexy & I (Am Trying To) Know It

By Jennifer Pitt Dear Friends, Let’s be honest from the get-go…this letter is not for all of you. It’s not for my friends who have kids. Ok, let’s be honest again – it DOES include my friends who have newborns. Because y’all will feel the sentiment more acutely. It’s an advance apology letter. An apology for what I have done to you, and will continue to do for years to

Fandom: A Con-Goer's Perspective

By Stacey Gillard Four years ago, fuelled by an illness and a desire to have something to look forward to, I made a decision that took me on a new and surprisingly life-altering path: I booked tickets to go to one day of the Supernatural fan convention in my home town of Vancouver. The idea of attending such an event had never appealed to me. Because of a possibly unfair


I have been badgered and harassed for a few months now to write a post or not about parenting. I have been staunchly against it, but clearly not as steadfast as I would have myself believe. I am a new mother. New-ish. The dependent is 3.5 months old now (for you mothers who can’t count in months, that’s 14 weeks), and it gets worse every day. Ok, not worse. Better