Brian Buckley Band – “Hysterical Blindness”

Brian Buckley Band – “Hysterical Blindness”

I take a lot of flak from certain people over the Brian Buckley band.  Let me explain.

The first time I listened to their music it was on YouTube.  The sound was really crappy, the crowd was loud and I made a snap judgment.  Unfortunately, I told people I didn’t like them.

I have this friend.  He has pretty good taste; he tells it like it is, he’s pretty assertive.  He told me that the Brian Buckley band was good and that I should catch a live show.  About that time, with some help from the “Supernatural” fandom, The Brian Buckley Band had won the “House of Blues” new music contest.  Yes another reason to listen again.

In June the band was playing at L.A.’s Viper Room and it was streaming live.  Great sound and video by the way – if you’re interested in new music it’s a great way to watch gigs you can’t get to.

Watching the Brian Buckley Band live is a bit like being invited to a private party at someone’s house.  It’s a relaxed atmosphere, friendly; people call out to the band and are answered.  And then the music starts.  Suddenly, it’s a crazy tornado of all the things that are fantastic about music: amazing skill, lyrics that hit home, melodies that build a little place near your soul and settle down.

For something so beautiful, it’s pretty serious business.

About ten minutes after I watched the Live Stream of The Viper Room show I bought the band’s CD “Hysterical Blindness” off iTunes.

The CD isn’t slick or over-produced and manages as well as it can to capture the energy and fluidity of the band’s live performance.  It’s a unique twist of rock, folk styling and there’s something remarkable about Brian Buckley’s vocals.

“Bye Blue Sky” is a great introductory song for the CD.  This song makes any drive a road trip.  It’s full and thick and sticks with you.  Some other faves off the album?  “If I Was A Lover” – a wicked twist of clever lyrics and a great beat.  “Always and Forever” – a beautiful almost-ballad.  “As If” – the first video release for the CD and showcase of the band’s talent.

These musicians are a bit of Radiohead, some Liquid Tension Experiment and reminded me slightly of Hawksley Workman.  If you love music, this is the band for you.

Brian Buckley in Vancouver, August 2011 ©CKinzie | Affairs Magazine

I finally did get to see Brian Buckley live.  He performed solo in Vancouver in August.  It was an incredible show.  We were treated to a different style, quieter but with just as much impact, maybe even more.  I was lucky enough after his show to meet him.  I had a tweet to show him on my phone; a message from his partner, Natalia.  Brian’s eyes lit up when he read the message – it’s that kind of soul that makes music fucking great.

Check out “Hysterical Blindness” and if you’re lucky enough to live anywhere remotely close to a Brian Buckley Band show – do yourself a favor and go see them.  You won’t regret it.

Watch for an upcoming interview with Brian!

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