Beauty and the Beast 2.15 – Catch Me If You Can

Beauty and the Beast 2.15 – Catch Me If You Can

By Mieke Trudeau

“You can’t completely deny your other half. That’s you too.”

Truer words were never spoken, and once again they came from JT – Beauty and the Beast’s own Yoda to Vincent’s Luke Skywalker.

All along we have been witnessing the struggle between the heart and reason, between beast and human. Catherine is eager to move on from all the heartbreak in her past, by denying her romantic, heart-driven side. She is still determined to show Gabe that she has chosen him, even though you can detect a hint of panic in her eyes when Gabe offers her a key to his apartment. Cat has decided that everything has to be done by the book; no more street justice, no more letting her heart overrule her brain, since that is a surefire way to get someone hurt. If she can put Sam behind bars, there will be no more beasts, and less beasts means less Vincent.

Vincent on the other hand, tries to keep his beast side down, because it is what he thinks will win Catherine back to his side. He also wants to find Sam and bring him to justice, so he can put beasts behind him and prove to Cat he is worthy of her love, once and for all. He shrugs off JT’s suggestion to put his beastie senses to good use and actually manages to track down Sam with the help of a computer and only a teensy beastie sniff. Of course things don’t go exactly as planned, as Vincent and JT prematurely imprison Sam without any real evidence to hold him there. Sam baits Vincent into an angry beastly outburst just as Cat and Gabe walk in, allowing Gabe to once again appear as the voice of reason. To Vincent’s dismay, they end up having to let Sam go. I have to mention that in this scene, I was struck by how JT failed to calm Vincent down, but as soon as Catherine called out his name, Vincent changed out of beastie mode in about a split second.

Gabe decides to use the incident to remind Vincent how bad he is for Catherine. That he, Gabe, no longer beastly at all, is the far safer and better choice in life partners.  I don’t much care for this Gabe. He is self righteous and short sighted. Instead of using his first hand knowledge of being a beast empathically, he uses it as a weapon. I understand he feels he can’t compete with Vincent where Cat is concerned, yet I also can’t help but think that his apparent hypocrisy is a foreshadowing of how the story will play out. I can see our Mr. Lowan tapping back into his darker side to try to win Catherine’s love.

That humanity can be darker than any beast is pretty evident in the character of Sam. He is 100% human and even though his quest for revenge may be understandable, given that he lost his child, there is never any doubt that his methods for exacting justice are anything but evil.

For just a moment, Vincent gives in to his self-doubt, until JT, our Yoda, our Jiminy Crickett, rightly tells Vincent that  he should just be himself – both selves, in fact; that he can no longer deny his other half, his beast half, because that is also Vincent. When Vincent acknowledges that he is doing better in controlling his darker side, but that it is a work in progress, JT gives us this gem:  “Right, so you’re not perfect, what is more human than that.” Well said JT, well said.

Thankfully Vincent decides to take JT’s advice to stop doing what he thinks others are expecting of him, including Cat, and start doing what he thinks is right. Vincent’s first thought is to save the newly created beast, Xavier Wright (Cle Bennett) whom Sam is training for a secret mission that apparently involves retrieving data from a secret CIA bunker, inaccessible by humans.

Vincent and Cat run into each other pursuing leads and in one of the funniest scenes we have seen on the show in a while, they get trapped in a car together after a run in with Xavier. Their bickering crackles with chemistry that even Gabe can’t deny when he gets an earful of it on the phone.

To Cat’s dismay, Vincent rushes into the dangerous situation and she is devastated when it seems that Vincent is caught in an explosion that Sam sets off, in order to cover his nefarious tracks. “If Vincent is dead, you’re dead,” she growls. Her relief is great when she finds him, alive, desperately trying to revive an unconscious Xavier. It is an emotional scene, and when Xavier, seemingly gone, takes a breath, Cat embraces Vincent. While I was watching the episode, I could almost hear the fandom let out a collective breath as they hugged.

Sam is finally in custody, this time with some serious charges to hold him there, yet Gabe is none too pleased. He saw that epic hug and he thinks Cat needs to make up her mind already. In a scene that nicely mirrors her dream from the last episode, Redemption, Cat goes to see Vincent on his houseboat, to tell him once and for all that they must be over. But instead of pushing him away when he approaches her, she leans in and they kiss. As “I Will Find My Way Back” by Cody Fry plays in the background, Vincent swoops Catherine up in his arms and carries her off.

I will let you catch your breath, Beasties, but when you do, give me your thoughts. What is in store for Vincat and Gabe? From the preview it looks like neither Gabe, nor Vincent is backing down and Cat is still confused. We also saw Sam retrieve a hidden vial of beast serum while in his cell. Who could be behind the death of Sam’s son? Is it Muirfield? And what about the fact that Xavier was cured of his beastliness by temporarily dying, just as Gabe once was? Is there a cure for Vincent and if there is, should he take it? Comment below!

Oh, and Vincent? LOCK YOUR DOOR!


  1. I really like VinCat to get together and would love to see them work a case all the time like Bonnie and Clyde…


  2. Another great review Mieke. I think Gabe will eventually
    be turned back into a beast and battle Vincent for Catherine’s love. The VinCat kiss at the end had me doing my Beastie happy dance for days!! Can’t wait until Monday!! This show deserves a season 3!!! If it doesn’t get renewed, i’m going to BEAST OUT!!!


  3. It is the thoughts of having to kill all beasts, especially Vincent, that is making Cat deny her true feelings for him. She no longer trusts herself or their destiny to be with him. When Vincent said “I can’t make you happy” and Cat responded, “no, that isn’t it” just made it more certain to me. If they allowed the characters to be truthful to each other, VinCat would already be together. But, if they did, then we wouldn’t be glued to our seats, screaming for them to know what we do.


    1. The possibility that her heritage has to do with hunting beasts seems to be weighing on Cat. It will be interesting to see that family history explored.


  4. The scene in the bar was epic. Vincent finally finding himself and what is important. Of course the delicious hug and the ending scene keep hope alive


  5. Hope they shed some light on Sam’s bitter obsession and who’s responsible for his child’s death.

    The hug was perfect. I loved that scene of a desperate Vincent saving a life. Reminded me of JT asking how Cat would know…in that scene, you could see it on her face – that was who she fell in love with.


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