Beauty and the Beast 2.10 – Ancestors

Beauty and the Beast 2.10 - Ancestors

By Mieke Trudeau

Vincent and Catherine are both struggling to find themselves and their place in the world, if that world seemingly does not include each other.

Vincent may have physically come out of hiding, but he is still lying about who he really is. He is resisting Tori’s vision of his future, which includes playing the handsome amnesiac war hero. Instead, he wants to focus on his past and come to grips with being a beast. The ancient skeleton and shackles found in Tori’s father’s vault seem to hold some clues. According to JT’s research, the artifacts are tens of thousands of years old and the unknown animalistic skeleton shares DNA with Vincent. The fact that someone robbed JT’s lab and stole the shackles seem to indicate their importance even more and Vincent is determined to investigate. All of this also means he is resisting a romantic relationship with Tori, much to her chagrin. To her, the past equals Cat, even if Vincent insists that part of his life is over.

Meanwhile, Cat is trying to get back to her life as a detective. She is offered a chance to infiltrate a gang of thieves and even though she has no time to prepare for such a dangerous job, she dives right in. Her actions are pretty reckless and over the love struck objections of Gabe, she meets with the gang. The scene where she is almost is discovered and has to kick some ass to prove herself, thankfully shows us some of the old feisty Cat we all love.

Of course, Vincent and Cat’s individual storylines inevitably bring them back together. Vincent traces the stolen shackles back to Cat’s gang and as he walks into the bar where they are meeting, Cat kisses one of the bandits so Vincent will not blow her cover. Tori is not pleased that all roads seemingly still lead to Catherine and she storms off. Oh, the misunderstandings!

I really like that JT tells Vincent to “Beast up!” and get back in the game. Brooding Vincent is great but moping Vincent, not so much. As he kicks into action he manages to retrieve the shackles and he discovers that there is a gem that goes with them. The gang of thieves, now including Cat, was hired to steal that jewel from the Russian Consul. Once again Vincent and Cat cross paths and as they each try to complete their mission, sparks fly between the two former lovers. Even though there is a lot of anger between them, it is nice to see them both back in fighting mode, competent and in charge. They challenge each other at every turn. As I was watching, I couldn’t help to think how much better it would be if they started working together again. When Cat watches Vincent get violent you can see her heart break and when she in response pulls a gun on Vincent again, you can see the incredulous hurt in his eyes. They both back down and Vincent gets away with the gem.

The story is taking a different turn with this episode. As before the mythology was about a science and genetics experiment to create super soldiers, it now seems to be going a more metaphysical route. The shackles holding the gem turn out to be a collar. JT speculates that perhaps it was used to control the ancient beast whose skeleton they have in their possession. Cat finds out that her ancestors on her father’s side may have had some kind of connection to that gem. There is a history of murders connected to all of it and it will be interesting to see where this will all lead. There is a lineage of beasts that is somehow connected to the Reynolds family, going back through recorded history. Clearly the connection between Vincent and Catherine is destined and goes beyond simple romance.

I liked the episode. It delved deeper into the story mythology, yet it was packed with action and character development. A few quibbles: I wasn’t sure what to make of the Russian Consulate connection – there may not be any, or it may yet be explained, but it seemed a little contrived. Also, I understand the connection and dramatic purpose of Gabe and his relationship with Catherine, but his handwringing seemed awfully unprofessional and became a little grating. I am excited about the possibilities these new discoveries bring for future story lines. I would like to see Vincent and Catherine find their way back to trusting each other again. I’m all for dramatic tension, but this show is built on their undying and clearly destined love for each other and it would be smart to remind us of that soon and show us a little warmth between them.

What did you think of these interesting plot developments Beasties? Share your thoughts below.


  1. This episode was the best of season 2 sofar, I think. Looking forward to the next one. However, sometimes it seams that they have cut too much to get it inside the time limit. Some things are “hanging” without explanation.
    Neverthelessi t is the most appealing show I´ve seen for year. Love it!


  2. Thanks for your very positive review. You summed it up perfectly too~ “I’m all for dramatic tension, but this show is built on their undying and clearly destined love for each other and it would be smart to remind us of that soon and show us a little warmth between them. ”
    Gabe’s handwringing ~ nice ~ i’m stealing that. Not a fan of that arc at all.


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