Beauty and the Beast 2.09 – Don’t Die On Me

Beauty and the Beast 2.09 – Don’t Die On Me

by Mieke Trudeau

Holy Beasties! That was an episode full of revelations, confessions and twists!

Cat is not only still reeling from the fact that she shot Vincent for choosing his beast side over her, she is also being investigated by Internal Affairs for her handling of her father’s arrest. A bullet was found at the scene and once again she faces the choice between protecting herself by telling the truth or lying to protect Vincent. Even though she swears she is putting him and all beasts behind her, she of course once again chooses to shield him from discovery. Cat and Gabe continue to strengthen their bond when he decides to swap the incriminating bullet in evidence before it can be tested and proven to have come from her gun. He is becoming quite the compromised District Attorney in the name of love!

Vincent is seriously hurt from the gunshot and since he refuses to seek medical help in fear of discovery, Tori decides to take him to JT for treatment. Of course this means more breaking and entering, in order to procure medicine, for poor JT, who ends up getting caught. Lucky for us this gives us some deliciously sassy J-Tess moments, when his favorite cop has to come to his rescue. Finally Tess confronts JT with a question that has been burning in all of our minds for two seasons; why does he feel this need for undying loyalty and sacrifice on behalf of his beast buddy? Inarguably one of the biggest revelations of the show, it turns out that it was  JT who submitted Vincent’s name to Muirfield for the beast trials, way back when. He did it because he thought it would give his friend a better chance of survival when he was deployed to Afghanistan, but that hasn’t lessened his sense of guilt. It is obvious he feels responsible for everything that has happened since and he has sacrificed ten years of his life to try and make up for it. Austin Basis really brought his A-game and his chemistry with Nina Lisandrello as Tess made the scene emotionally satisfying.

It seemed that after Muirfield’s final destruction and Agent Reynolds’ arrest and confession, no one was after the beasts anymore, but Tori discovers that is not quite true. There is a new big bad in town, one who has sent minions to persuade her to sign over some property of her father’s. When Cat and Tori go to investigate the location, an antique shop, they are ambushed and Tori is forced to open a secret vault. Just as a seriously wounded Vincent bursts in to safe the day, Cat discovers a strange, fanged skeleton and shackles in the vault. Cat calls 911 and walks away from Tori who is cradling a collapsed Vincent.

Cat seemed to feels she was making a choice between right or wrong, a very black or white issue for her, when she decided to shoot Vincent, and when she finally walks away from him. She sees Vincent’s beast side as “wrong”, evil even. This monster within him represents everything that has gone wrong in her life. It has cost her so much; her family, her childhood, and the love of her life. She cannot understand why Vincent would choose that monster over her, over them. She feels he has given up fighting for himself, his human self. Vincent on the other hand struggles to understand and contain this beast within him. He is no longer just Vincent Keller, mild mannered doctor and courageous obedient soldier. This obedience and loyalty to a cause is what got him to be controlled and manipulated. He did some awful things in the name of misguided duty and he has had enough. I believe he is beginning to think that his beast nature is not an illness that can or even should be cured, but rather something to be integrated and accepted into an new being, a new Vincent. Tori, who was born a beast, is such a new creature. One who carries her specialness seemingly with pride and abandon.  Tori tells Vincent: “Like it or not, we are in this together,” and right now, from Catherine, he feels nothing but rejection. He keeps repeating to Cat, painfully, throughout the episode; “I am not your problem anymore, this is my life, my fight.” He has lived in hiding for so long that he fears what will happen when he comes out of the shadows. Having been taken to the hospital, his identity as the presumed dead war hero Vincent Keller is bound to come out and Tori persuades him to embrace this and not run and hide but declare himself found, publicly, in a press conference. She seems to think that they will be able to handle the consequences and keep their secrets as long as they stick together. Tori has proven to have some issues controlling herself and it seems only a matter of time before her inner beast will once again rear its angry head and put them all in danger.

I have no doubt that Cat will discover that things are not quite as black and white as she thinks. She herself has skirted the grey lines between right and wrong plenty of times when it comes to protecting her loved ones, and I believe that both she and Vincent will come to accept each other again, once they come to find who they are in those grey areas of their lives and love. This episode took some baby steps in that direction with some important revelations and confessions.  I thought it to be a strong opening to the second half of this season. What are your thoughts Beasties?

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  1. enjoyed your commentary and agree on every point. VinCat will find their way back to each other and i am looking forward to more mystery, adventure, angst and sexual/love tension between VinCat, can’t wait for more.


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