Jennifer Pitt

Beauty and the Beast 2.16 – About Last Night

by Mieke Trudeau Lately I have been starting my BatB reviews with a quote that sums up the episode pretty nicely. However, this week, the show was so chock full of great ones, that I had a hard time choosing: Cat: “I can’t go backwards.” Gabe, to Vincent: “What can you do that I can’t do?” Vincent, to Cat: “We are better together than we are apart, and you know

No Clue: A Modern Film Noir

By Stacey Gillard Who doesn’t love a film noir? The appearance of a beautiful, troubled femme fatale, the reluctant hero, the plot that twists and turns so many times it makes your head spin. With No Clue, writer Brent Butt and director Carl Bessai bring us a modern, comedic take on the cinematic classic and whisk us away for an hour and a half of suspense and hilarity. Butt also

Beauty and the Beast 2.15 – Catch Me If You Can

By Mieke Trudeau “You can’t completely deny your other half. That’s you too.” Truer words were never spoken, and once again they came from JT – Beauty and the Beast’s own Yoda to Vincent’s Luke Skywalker. All along we have been witnessing the struggle between the heart and reason, between beast and human. Catherine is eager to move on from all the heartbreak in her past, by denying her romantic,

Oscars 2014 – That’s a Wrap

By Mieke Trudeau As I have done over the last three years, I recently attended the AMC Theaters Best Picture Showcase. This annual marathon of the movies nominated for a Best Picture Oscar is held in select AMC movie theaters. Even though a few locations show all nine movies in one sitting, I prefer the screening that divides the list over two consecutive Saturdays. Twelve hours of movie watching is

Beauty and the Beast 2.14 – Redemption

by Mieke Trudeau “It’s hard to be Dr. Jekyll when everyone keeps wanting Mr. Hyde” Once again, a single line, this time delivered with acute insight by our own JT, nails down the main message of this week’s BatB episode, Redemption. Vincent is not only desperate to prove to Catherine that he once and for all has gained control over his beast side; he also is looking to make amends

The Walking Dead 4.9 - 4.13 - The Post-Hiatus Apocalypse

by Jennifer Pitt So?? I love it. I really enjoy how TWD doesn’t feel like it needs to come off of a hiatus with a bang; it gives us a slow lead in, like it knows we need time to remember how we left off and wants to gently bring us back in. It also gives the broken-up season a serious cohesiveness that can be lacking after such a long

Beauty and the Beast 2.13 – Till Death

By Mieke Trudeau “I was so focused on who he had been that I couldn’t see what he had become” Those words, spoken by Agent Landon, at the end of “Till Death”, nicely sum up the message we seemingly are supposed to take away from the latest BatB episode. Catherine has trouble trusting Gabe. She has been holding back on their relationship and while searching the dungeon for clues, she

Beauty and the Beast 2.12 – Recipe for Disaster

By Mieke Trudeau Sidekicks on a TV show or in any other narrative, often fulfill important roles. They can be there as the narrator or to provide an outside (the viewer’s) point of view and often they serve as the little devil or angel on our hero’s shoulder, his or her moral or immoral compass. Also quite often, they are quite literally the embodiment of a certain aspect of our

Arrow Season 2: My Thoughts So Far

By Stacey Gillard I enjoyed Arrow’s first season. I thought it introduced the characters well, had some amazing action, a lot of comedy, and yes, many shirtless salmon-ladder scenes. Overall it was a fun romp that kept me tuning in each week. Season two has stepped it up a notch. Or two. Or seven. Oliver’s alter-ego is no longer hell bent on revenge in the form of killing sprees. The