Jennifer Pitt

Supernatural - CW Upfronts & The Move to Wednesday Nights

There was quite a lot of feeling passing through my social media feeds this morning as the entire Supernatural fandom awaited news of their beloved Winchesters at the CW Upfronts this morning in New York (the Upfronts are where the stars of each network’s shows give some face time to advertisers, and where network honchos try to sell advertising space ahead of time to said advertisers). There was a great deal

Leviathans, Alphas, and Weddings, Oh My - Season 7, The Road So Far

So another season with our favourite Winchesters will soon be behind us, as we approach Season 7’s finale this Friday. We have been through a lot this season: losing two of our favourite characters, only to have them return in an entirely different capacity; we have been subjected to a series of beaters that the boys have been forced to drive since the Impala has been in hiding; the fandom

Party For A Cause - A Benefit for the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank

Founded in a two-car garage in 1973 by Tony Collier, the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank services 640 agencies at over 1000 sites that include battered women’s shelters, abandoned & abused children’s homes, soup kitchens, AIDS hospices, senior centres, and more. In addition to providing daily help to these agencies that serve thousands of people a day, the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank also assists in keeping aid flowing during

The Walking Dead - Season 2 Finale - Before The Dying Fire

So that’s where they came from! I was having some trouble believing that nobody would hear thousands of walkers stumbling around in a forest – turns out they just arrived! Following the helicopter Rick saw in the beginning, it leads them right down the highway to the farm. To all the people who have sent me their thoughts (and rants) on the thinning of the group, in terms of losing Patricia

Supernatural - Season 7, Episode 16 - Out With The Old

Supernatural is back from it’s month-long Hellatus with its latest offering, Out With The Old. In a ballet school, a group of dancers are commenting on a fellow dancer, Norena; it’s clear they don’t like her. She comes in the studio, and tells them that practice makes perfect, if they’re up for it. And does it ever. After everyone has left, she dances her feet off. Literally. The janitor, who

The Walking Dead - Dammit, Shane.

Rest in Peace, Dale. Let’s face it – someone had to go in order to move the story along. I think the decision to make it Dale was probably an easy one. I liked Dale – not all the time, but I did like him. He irked me with his willingness to offer his opinions all the time, even though most of the time I agreed with him. And when

The Walking Dead - 18 Miles Out

It’s about time!! Rick continues his journey to true leadership by calling Shane out on his relationship with Lori. I won’t call it an affair, because they (well, Lori, at least) though Rick was dead. Shane is still his cocky self when Rick stops the car and says they need to talk. He clearly does not want to talk to Rick about Lori. Rick asks him point-blank of he shot

The Walking Dead - Triggerfinger

I love this show. I love all of the characters for what they are, because I know that is what they are supposed to be. I am supposed to love and hate them. That is what good writing does. Lori, who took it upon herself to go to town to look for Rick, Glenn, and Herschel (approximately ten seconds after they left), hit a walker and wrecked her car, and

The Walking Dead – Nebraska, Mid-Season Premier

The Walking Dead aired its mid-season premier last night on AMC. I don’t even know how to begin this. This had to be the best Walking Dead episode to date. So powerful, and finally starting to reveal some true character from Rick, Shane, and Lori. Since I am shunning recaps on The Walking Dead (because if you can read it, why watch it – and you NEED to watch it),