Around the Web – Dec. 4/12

Around the Web - Dec. 4/12

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Not really sure the words ‘Celeb Rehab’ and ‘Star’ go together.. TMZ

I was blessed with very little morning sickness, so I obviously think she’s a wuss…PRINCESS!  TMZ

Even I agree with her.  TMZ

Would you forgive him? The Superficial

Really, IRS? You’re JUST getting around to this?  The Superficial

The not-so-subtle side of plastic surgery. BuzzFeed

He has my vote. Hawt. The Onion

#1 on my Freebie list has a new movie poster. Huffington Post

Those K people have their own section on Too Fab, from the WTF Files.  I won’t even link to it.

This is better than his sister…Right?!??!  National Enquirer

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